Tower of God: New World Welcomes Seven Knights in Newest Update

Tower of God Seven Knights

A new update has been released for Tower of God: New World which brings content from the Seven Knights franchise to the game. Players can look forward to teaming up with new heroes. There are also new in-game events for everyone to enjoy.

There are three new heroes added to the roster and they're from Seven Knights. They are:

  • SSR+ [Phoenix Incarnate] Rachel
    • Green Element, Ranged, Spear Bearer
    • Has the power of the Phoenix Blaze and specializes in inflicting Critical Hit upon her enemies.
    • An Empress of the Blazing Desert on the continent of Asgar.
    • Head of the Agni family.
    • Self-proclaimed "Phoenix Incarnate."
    • Firmly believes in the concept of "noblesse oblige" and her every action reflects that belief.
  • SSR [Doomsday Herald] Yeonhee
    • Green Element, Supporter, Wave Controller
    • Can cast a spell that makes her enemies fall asleep and deal AoE attacks.
    • The oldest of the Four Lords and spends most of her time in the dream realm on a never-ending search for eternal rest.
    • From a young age, she was tormented by those who feared her mysterious powers and preferred the peace and calm of the dream realm.
    • Used her powers to rid herself of things that disturbed her sleep and now seeks places to nap in the Tower of God.
  • SSR [Infernal Blademaster] Shane
    • Green Element, Warrior, Scout
    • A master of the Demon Slaying Arts and 100 Ghost Chaotic Dance skill.
    • As a blademaster within the Crusaders, she received demonic powers to get revenge on the demons that massacred her family.
    • She was a volunteer for a highly dangerous experiment that involved injecting humans with demonic power, and now wields that power to serve her quest for vengeance.

Included with this new update are Ignition Weapons which consists of 5 parts and 3 ranks. By utilizing this new equipment, players have the chance to become stronger. Four designs are available, and these are Myeongwol, Bergamot, El and Runda. The new weapons can be earned by entering the new Secret Floor content. During the fights, players can use Restraint and clear the Restraint Quest to earn rewards that include Master Keys, Rare Shinsu Sea Whetstone, and Black Market Tickets.

New In-Game Events

The new update also launches limited-time events, which are available through December 14. These are:

  • Story Event [Knives Ready! Flames Set! The Royal Cook-Off is a Go]
    • Clear Story and Free stages which features Seven Knights teammates.
    • Once the players clear in-game missions, Collab Tickets, SSR Soulstones and more rewards are obtained.
  • Seven Knights Collab Summon
    • During the event period, players can summon only Seven Knights Collab teammates.
    • Different items such as SSR Soulstones and Rapport items are available.
  • Seven Knights Daily Festival
    • Clear all daily missions to earn rewards including Collab Tickets (x230), SSR+ [Phoenix Incarnate] Rachel and more.
  • Royal Cook-Off Story Event Exchange Shop
    • Players can use various items (Mushroom/Honeypot/Meat Chunk) and exchange them for rewards that include SSR Shane, Collab Tickets (x30), and Pluck Gyetang's new costume, to name a few.
  • Check-In Event
    • Check-in the game during the event period and receive a variety of rewards including:
      • SSR [Doomsday Herald] Yeonhee
      • Collab tickets (x40)
      • SSR Seven Knights Teammate Selection Chest

Tower of God: New World is available on mobile platforms through Google Play and the App Store. A PC version is also available to download.

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