Does Seth Rollins Have A New Finisher? WWE Superstar Shows New Move During Dark Match

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Seth Rollins may have a new finisher WWE

Seth Rollins’ post-Mania plans are to end his feud with Triple H and it looks like he is going to put the Pedigree behind him as well. Video has surfaced online of a dark match on Monday Night RAW that shows Rollins performing a new finisher.

The tag match between Chris Jericho and Seth Rollins vs Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe ends with Jericho performing the Code Breaker (his finisher) before KO turns around and Rollins performs what many are calling the knee equivalent to a Rainmaker before making the pin. 

Check out Seth Rollins’ supposed new finisher below.

Considering Rollins’ history of knee injuries, it’s pretty neat to see him use his knee to finish off opponents. If you’re wondering why we haven’t seen this move on actual television, wrestlers normally use dark matches and house shows to practice new moves or to get the “ring rust” off after spending time injured.

Hopefully Seth gets plenty of time to practice because from that phone footage, it doesn’t look natural at all.

If this is Seth Rollins’ new finisher, don’t be surprised if you’ll have to wait until the next WWE pay-per-view, Payback, to see it. He’ll face off against the man who re-injured his surgically repaired knee, Samoa Joe.

So what do you think of Seth Rollins’ supposed new move? Do you think it should be something else? Let us know in the comments section below.

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