The Division 2 Season 4 is Now Live

New season is here.
New season is here. Ubisoft

The fourth season of The Division 2 is now live. Dubbed as End of Watch, it’s available to those who own the Warlords of New York expansion. To get access to the new season, simply finish the New York campaign and head back to Washington D.C.

New Manhunt

The main lure of Season 4 is the new manhunt. The Prime Target is Faye Lau, a once loyal agent who since turned traitor twice. Lau now heads Black Tusk and runs her very own cell of fellow Rogue SHD agents. Completing the manhunt gives you the new skill variant known as Achilles Pulse.

Like other manhunts, players need to go through four other targets first. These are:

  • Target: Viper
    • December 8
  • Target: Kestrel
    • December 29
  • Target: Magnus
    • January 19
  • Target: Circe
    • February 9

Players will get double XP for the first 15 levels during the first seven days of the manhunt.

Overview of Season

Similar to previous seasons, Season 4 also offers 100 levels. Whatever season experience players had in the past won’t count. This is because all 100 levels are reset. Completing activities and difficulties earn players Season XP. For those wondering, when reaching Season Level 100, every SHD Level also increases the yield in Field Proficiency Cache.

The new Season Pass is now available in the in-game store for 1000 Premium Credits or around $10. Though optional, buying it grants extra cosmetics as well as opportunities for season gear. That’s not all. The Season Pass also brings a Daily Project for a hard difficulty Main Mission, which gives more XP.

New League

It’s not all about manhunt this season. There are four new Leagues giving players chances to showcase their speed, skill, and more importantly, their savagery against the different factions. Ranking up earns specific League rewards.

The League itself lasts two weeks and hands out as much as 10 rewards based on the player's performance. The League challenge progress will reset halfway through. This allows players to choose the pace they want when tackling activities.

Other Events

Global Events are in too. These are one-week in-game events that you can toggle on and off. They can alter the normal gameplay through different modifiers. The modifiers have a unique approach to activities and will offer a different gaming experience.

For this Season, the new Global Event is called Golden Bullet. Expect returning events as well like SHD Exposed, Reanimated, and even Hollywood. Each event yields as much as 10 rewards based on your performance. The events will hand out unique currency that you can use at the new Global Event shop to get more cache rewards.

Two Apparel Events are also happening this season. The first one is Outguard starting on December 22. The second one is Codename: Nightmare beginning on February 2. The events last several weeks and will bring new unique cosmetics and fashion items to the game’s apparel collection.


Finally, we are in what many players look forward to - the rewards. These include:

  • Achilles Pulse Skill Variant
  • Rigger Gear Set
  • Scorpio Exotic Shotgun
  • Waveform Exotic Holster
  • Empress International Brand Set
  • Scalpel Named Marksman Rifle
  • Test Subject Named SMG
  • Caesar's Guard Named Chest Piece
  • Battery Pack Named Backpack
  • Rigger Outfit (Available in Season 4 Pass)

So, what do you think? Is the new season exciting enough?

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