The Division 2: Season 10 Coming This August

Prepare for a new season.
Prepare for a new season. Ubisoft

Back in May, a new season was launched for The Division 2. This was the first of the three seasons planned to be released in 2022. Season 9 was titled “Hidden Alliance” and had players focus on a smaller area and thus allowing for more concentrated and contained stories. Season 10 and Season 11 will continue the story with the introduction of new Manhunt targets who are more than ready to stir agents into action.

Season 10 is arriving in the game through Title Update 16, which is heading to PTS this August. In addition to continuing the story in the previous season, Season 10 is also adding Legendary difficulty to the two remaining Strongholds, which are Tidal Basin and Manning National Zoo. That means no respawns and no checkpoints.

Players can also expect new Apparel Events in Season 10 along with updates focused on game health. The team at The Division 2 revealed that for Season 10, the top on the priority list is quality-of-life improvements.

However, for the remaining two seasons, players should not expect to see the Spec Revamp. The team is still working on this feature and only plans to reveal a release date once they are satisfied with the quality.

A New Experience

In addition to working on future updates, the team at Red Storm Entertainment is also working on The Division Heartland, a game in hopes to offer a new experience set in The Division universe. Closed testing has been done and more testing is planned to evolve the game experience.

Season 9

While waiting for Season 10, players can continue to enjoy Season 9. For those who haven’t tried it yet, there’s the new Countdown mode or an eight-player endgame mode that can be played through matchmaking. It also expands the gameplay options by offering a 15-minute play session format having randomized encounters on a new unique map with generous loot drops.

New progress was also introduced which is the Expertise system, a new way to advance agents by focusing on increasing the build variety and viability. This also allows agents to further improve the maximum performance of select weapons, gear sets, skill variants, and more.

The Division 2 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Stadia.

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