The Division 2: Learn More about the Expertise Feature

Introducing a new feature.
Introducing a new feature. Ubisoft

A new episode of the Intelligence Annex initiative is available for The Division 2. This one talks about a new feature known as Expertise.

Before we learn more about what the new feature is, just a quick recap. The Intelligence Annex initiative is a series of blog posts where developers can share more about what’s coming to the game. Back in November, it was all about Specializations.

So what exactly is Expertise? It’s a new way for agents to develop further their gear, weapons, and even skill variants. With this, players can improve the Grade of their equipment and directly increase their base stats. It goes without saying that this feature will complement current crafting and optimization systems available.

Details of this new feature include:

  • The new Expertise feature allows players to increase the Grade of an item, brand, or gear set to increase its base stats. An example would be increasing the base damage bonuses of a weapon.
  • The number of times a player can increase the Grade of the items is equal to their Expertise Level.
  • To earn Expertise Level, players need to gain Proficiency Ranks by using an item, brand, or gear set in combat. Expertise Levels can also be earned by investing resources into researching them.
  • Once players reach the maximum Proficiency Rank for a piece of equipment, they become Proficient with it.
  • Players can only improve the Grade of items, brands, and gear sets that they are Proficient with.

It seems that through this feature, developers hope to motivate players to experience new builds and play styles without penalizing those who want to stick to their favorite one.

Going back to this new feature, Expertise is set to be available for item types that include:

  • Weapons
    • Black Market AKM
    • P416
    • SOCOM Mk20 SSR
  • Brands
    • Gila Guard
    • Alps Summit Armament
    • Walker, Harris & Co.
  • Gearsets
    • Striker’s Battlegear
    • Aces and Eights
    • Hunter's Fury
  • Named Items
    • Fox’s Prayer
    • The White Death
    • The Hollow Man
  • Exotics
    • Lady Liberty
    • Diamondback
    • "Tardigrade" Armor System
  • Skill Variants
    • Explosive Sticky Bomb
    • Incinerator Turret
    • Defender Drone
  • Specialization Weapons
    • Survivalist Crossbow
    • K8-JetStream Flamethrower
    • P-017 Missile Launcher

Learn more about what this new feature has to offer here.

The Division 2 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Stadia.

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