The Division 2 Reveals What To Expect In Title Update 11

Learn more about the upcoming update.
Learn more about the upcoming update. Ubisoft

The Division 2 is all set to launch Title Update 11 on September 22. This marks the next chapter in Warlords of New York and there’s going to be a little something for everyone. Today we look at some of the new content.

Look the Part

Title Update 11 is going to introduce what is known as Appearance Mods. What this does is it gives players the ability to Transmog their equipped gear. Players can change the look of their gear, separate from their apparel, in order to look like other pieces of gear. You can read more about that here.

Reach the Top

TU11 is officially bringing a new PvE game mode known as The Summit. It’s going to test you and your squad as you climb through 100 floors of different enemies, objectives, and layouts. Learn more about how this mode works here.

New Season is Here

The arrival of TU11 also means the start of a new season. This one is titled Concealed Agenda and offers, among others, new leagues, new events, and new rewards.

In the previous season, the main target was Carter “Hornet” Leroux. This time around, things are going to be a bit personal as the Prime Target is Bardon Schaeffer of the Black Tusk. Taking him out will go a long way in the fight against this organization.

Season 3 is also bringing with it a new SHD Exposed Global Event as well as the Last Resort Apparel Event. In all of the different activities and events, players get to earn XP towards their season levels and get rewards from a selection of gear. That said, players can buy the Season 3 Pass which comes with an extra set of cosmetic and material rewards.

New Gear

This being a new update, players can some powerful new items that they can add to their collection. Overall, TU11 is going to add three new Exotics. One of these is the Exotic MPX submachine gun Backfire, which is a high-damage submachine gun that causes bleeding on the user when it’s reloaded.

There’s also going to be one new Gear Set, one new gear brand, and two new weapons. Expect to get a new skill variant for Shrapnel Trap as well, which is going to be tied to the Prime Target and available at the end of the Manhunt. This skill variant is an on-demand minefield that can lock down chokepoints or control a battlefield. No matter how you use it, it’s sure to ruin someone’s day, especially those who get too close.

Discovery Mode

Finally, there is the Discovery Mode for Operation Iron Horse. Here players can try their hand at the Raid with less intensive mechanics and matchmaking. Discovery Mode is going to be available to level 30 and level 40 versions of Operation Iron Horse.

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