The Division 2 Introduces Appearance Mods In Upcoming Title Update 11

Get the look you want.
Get the look you want. Ubisoft

The Division 2 revealed that it will introduce the Transmogrification system, or Appearance Mods, to the game’s existing character menu. Considered as a rather long-awaited feature, this one is going to be implemented once Title Update 11 drops. As the term implies, once the feature is live it’s going to allow players to change how their gear looks beyond the typical dye and coloration options already in the game.

That’s right. Players can now change items like, among others, masks, backpacks, chest armor, kneepads, gloves, and holsters, then make them look like a similar piece from a different brand.

That’s not all. All armor gear, from the common gray all the way to the top gold rarity, can have its appearance changed as well. With the Appearance Mods, players are now going to be able to get the specialized look that they’ve always wanted. The only exception will be special gear like Exotics. This is because they were made to be more visually distinctive and meant to stand out. This also means that it won’t be possible to make other items look like exotics.

So how does one go about using Appearance Mods? Once the feature is available, all players need to do is inspect a gear item similar to how they did it before when changing mods or adding a dye. There’s going to be a new option known as “Mod Appearance” and here players can see a wide range of different looks available for their gear based on previous gear acquired while playing.

Appearance mods that are unlocked on one character are going to be available on all the player’s other Agents. Simply log-in to each of the characters after TU11 is released in order to unlock all the gear-locks already available in the player’s stash and inventories.

The appearance of a player’s mod choices is going to appear to both themselves and other players. Players can still inspect another player's Agent in order to see what gear is under their Appearance Mods.

Appearance Mods are going to be available to all players at all levels once TU11 is launched. Both old and new characters, as well as standard and Hardcore characters, are going to get access to the library of all gear appearances. Gear visual options still need to be unlocked, but all that is needed to do so is to loot the item. For example, if a player picks up a pair of Grupo Sombra S.A. gloves, they should be able to unlock the Grupo Sombra S.A. gloves look for all other gloves for their Agents.

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