The Division 2 Update 11.1: Additional Details Revealed By Ubisoft

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Since it released last year, The Division 2 has continued to receive several updates that have both improved the scope and quality of the game. Even now, Ubisoft has confirmed the new Title Update 11.1 for the game, which aims at improving the new The Summit PvE experience for players.

The Division 2 received its Title Update 11 in September, which introduced a new PvE game mode called The Summit. The update also introduced new gear, bug fixes, and a few other changes. However, the update brought a host of new issues that ruined the experience for players. Title Update 11.1 is aimed at fixing those issues and improving the quality of The Division 2.

Here is the list of changes that players can expect in Title Update 11.1:

  • Removal of the annoying Rally Point selection menu.
  • Ability to change the difficulty and directives of The Summit mode any time you want.
  • Increased rewards for active directive. Increase rewards further by playing The Summit mode on Legendary difficulty and have all nine directives active.
  • Scale enemy threat level based on player level.
  • Ability to target specific loot, such as weapon archetype, Gear Slot, Gear Mod, Skill Mod, Brand Set, and Gear Set.
  • New weekly projects that reward you with exotic cache, missing blueprints, and specialization points.
  • Increased range of Ridgeway's Pride from 15m from 10m.
  • Quality of life changes, including increased objectives, quicker animations, new UI notifications
  • The update also fixes some Summit-related issues, including Loot crate reset, UI and map fixes, improved loot on the 100th floor, and more.

You can also read the full patch notes for The Division 2 Title Update 11.1 here.

Fans can expect a whole new list of changes coming to The Division 2 very soon. Of course, there's no hiding that players aren't happy with how the game has been balanced as of now. While Ubisoft is at fixing the mess, a PvE mode like The Summit is a great distraction to keep players busy.

The Division 2 is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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