The Division 2 Title Update 11 Goes Live, Adding Season 3 And The Summit Mode

Free weekend on all platforms.
It's finally here.
It's finally here. Ubisoft

The wait is finally over as Title Update 11 for The Division 2 has gone live. This means that Season 3 and the new Manhunt are here. Players can also take on the challenge of the Summit as its doors are now open. There’s no question that there’s a lot of new things coming to The Division 2 right now.

We’ve actually covered a lot of what Title Update 11 has to offer already. This includes Appearance Mods, which lets players Transmog their equipped gear. As mentioned, a new mode known as The Summit challenges players with 100 floors of different objectives, enemies, and layouts. Learn all about that here.

There are, however, two other things that we haven’t looked into. These are Agnostic Mods and changes to Rainbow Loot.

Agnostic Mods

Let’s start with gear mod slots which are now generic instead of being tied to a specific color. This means players should be able to use any kind of mod with their gear. The change was made in order to allow for more flexibility when it comes to builds. Gear mods, however, are still going to be color-coded. In addition, all resistance percentages for resistance mods have been doubled and there’s also going to be two new stats on resistance mods.

Rainbow Loot

Rainbow Loot refers to gear whose attributes have mixed colors. According to a post by the development team, they found out that there were players that completed a build focused on items of the same color while there were also those that went for hybrid or fringe builds. The team said that they wanted “to strike a balance between helping players seeking full-colored builds and those who want more variation in their rolls.”

With TU11, there’s going to be new systems which guarantee a 100% chance that the first random attribute on a piece of gear has the same color as the core attributes. There’s also going to be a 25% chance that players can get the particular attribute that they want within that color. The second attribute, on the other hand, is going to be chosen randomly with each remaining possible attribute getting a 9.1% chance of appearing.

These changes are only going to be applicable to new loot, and existing loot isn’t going to be affected.

As if the changes brought about by Title Update 11 aren't enough, The Division 2 is offering a free weekend on all platforms from September 24 to September 28. Players can also tune in to The Division 2 Twitch streams from September 23 to October 6 to get free Legacy caches and a milkshake backpack trophy.

The Division 2 is available for the PC, PlayStation 4, Stadia, and Xbox One.

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