'Digimon' 20th Anniversary Countdown Clock Almost Finished: Will There Be New Games Or Adventures In The Digital World?

Will it be V-pets or something more?
Will it be V-pets or something more? Bandai

I know I’m getting old because every franchise I loved as a child seems to be hitting its 20 year anniversary. Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh! just finished up theirs and in 2017 it’s Digimon’s turn. It’s been 20 years since the first Digimon V-Pet was introduced in Japan. What started off as a Tamagotchi rip-off aimed at boys has evolved into a phenomenon spanning multiple anime series, movies, video games, card games and more.

Bandai is probably going to do something amazing to celebrate this anniversary, though what it is we aren’t too sure. A countdown clock on the Digimon website will finish on Jan 5. At 8 p.m. EST. There’s a picture of Tyrannomon and the original V-Pet with the words “20th Anniversary Digital Monsters” written underneath.

I’m the biggest Digimon fan you’ll ever meet, I’ve finished every Digimon RPG game ever produced, English and Japanese, watched every anime series (even the dumb ones with Shoutmon), and have all the Digidestined in toy form sitting on my desk. Pokémon is a hobby, Digimon is my life. I couldn’t be more excited about this announcement.

Here are just a few ideas of what might be coming when the countdown clock reaches zero.

  • A new V-Pet, app or physical version, updated with modern technology.

  • The Digimon game I’ve wanted ever since I first fell into the Digital World with Agumon and the gang. What that is, I can’t tell you.

  • A lifesize Terriermon I can cuddle and not feel shame about.

  • A new Digimon Tri series featuring other Digimon tamers.

  • Smartphone app like Pokémon Go , where you have to scan different electronics to find Digimon who have traveled out of the Digital World.

The V-pets leaked from V-Jump
The V-pets leaked from V-Jump With The Will

Realistically, it’s going to be these new V-pets that were leaked online in November, but a mad man can dream.

What do you hope happens when the Digimon clock reaches zero? Tell us in the comments.

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