Destiny 2 Transmogrification Guide: How the New Season Feature Works

Season of the Splicer
Season of the Splicer Bungie

Destiny 2: Season of the Splicer is now live and with the new season comes a new system known as armor transmogrification.

The new system allows you to change how your current armor pieces look. This is to let you use equipment with the best stats without sacrificing the aesthetics that you want.

How It Works

Before you can transmogrify your gear, you must first go to Banshee-44 to get the Sacred Fusion quest. This will lead you to Ada-1 and she will have you do a few things, which are easy to accomplish. Once everything is finished, you can now use transmogrify!

After unlocking the ability, you will be given a quick tutorial on how the system works. Basically, everything is done on the character screen. Go to the menu, press "S" to go down a page, and then select "Appearance Customization."

From here, you will see your currently equipped armor pieces on the left and your shaders and ornaments on the right. You will have the option to either apply one particular shader to all of your equipment at once or use a different shader per piece of armor.

To change how your current armor pieces look, you’d have to use their respective ornaments that you have already unlocked.

If you want to get more ornaments, you will have to unlock them by using a Synthweave.

What is Synthweave?

Think of Synthweave as a currency that you spend to unlock universal armor ornaments that you do not have in your possession.

To get one, you will need to do the following:

  1. Defeat enemies to acquire Synthstrands
  2. Collect 150 Synthstrands to acquire bounties that will give you a Synthcord
  3. Head over to the Loom in the tower and exchange the Synthcord for a Synthweave

Alternatively, you can get Synthweave through the Eververse store.

In a statement, Bungie announced that you can only earn as much as 10 Synthweaves per character per season (a total of 30 if you have all three characters).

What You Can and Cannot Transmogrify

You can use universal armor ornaments to change the appearance of your legendary gear, and also the armors in the lower tier.

Exotic armors cannot be completely transmogrified to the same degree, though there are specific ornaments that you can use to modify their appearance.

The reason why you cannot truly alter how these special gears look is so that you can distinguish which exotic armor pieces other players are using (useful when you are fighting in the crucible).

So there you have it! Are you enjoying Destiny 2’s new season so far?

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