Destiny 2: The Vault of Glass Raid and World First Race are Back

What's in store for Destiny 2?
What's in store for Destiny 2? Bungie

Bungie is bringing back the first Raid from the original Destiny game to Destiny 2. The Vault of Glass was the first-ever Raid to introduce the concept of a six-man fireteam solving puzzles, fighting bosses, and adapting to changes on the fly. Raids are the most challenging game mode launched since other modes, such as Crucible, Strikes, and Patrols, are not as taxing as the former.

The developer has made some changes to Raids but the storyline should still remain the same. This could mean they are keeping all the steps and bosses identical. However, the difference would be the addition of the new weapons and abilities that came along with Destiny 2.


Like every Raid event, Vault of Glass will also have the World First Race, which comes with power progression. This will make it exciting for players to compete for the first spot as every power level above the recommended 1,300 will not give players any advantage whatsoever.

To make it even more difficult, players will have to clear the Vault of Glass with contest mode activated to access the challenge mode in the Director and the Tempo's Edge triumphs. After players have completed all the triumphs within Tempo’s Edge category, they will get to the World First finish and receive their prize. Keep in mind, if your entire team dies at any point of the encounter, they will fail to meet the conditions to reach first place.


The prize is a really cool silver-colored belt that pays tribute to the first fireteam to solve the Vault of Glass raid nearly seven years ago and to the World First in Destiny 2.

The World First event brings in tons of viewers as well, so it could be a huge opportunity for small streamers to get into the spotlight.

So what do you think about Vault of Glass coming back to Destiny 2? Are you excited about the World First race? Are you planning on attempting the event? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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