Destiny 2 New Glitch Lets Players Easily Clear Battleground: Foothold

What's in store for Destiny 2?
What's in store for Destiny 2? Bungie

Destiny 2 has another game-breaking bug, and this time it helps players to clear out the latest Battleground: Foothold game mode with ease. The developers have noticed the issue, similar to the twelve-man raid bug. However, they need time to patch it as they are preoccupied with fixing other problems affecting PvP game modes.

Redditor CloudXXXV discovered this glitch, which can be split into two parts and each has a different outcome. The first glitch is quite useless and it just removes all the enemies from the map, preventing the player from finishing the game mode. The second glitch is the one you may find very interesting, as it makes the game mode easy to complete alone - no need for backup or whatsoever.

To complete the game mode using the glitch, you have to complete the first part by taking down the boss and getting through the barrier. Now, you must wait for the Lunar Message to appear and then jump onto a small ledge and go through a skylight. Now, look at the ceiling for a slowly rotating fan and head out of the Battleground map. Since this is considered out of bounds, enemies will no longer spawn in and you can clear the zone with no issues.

This can take a few tries to accomplish but make sure you jump through all the platforms and don’t fall back into the map. After reaching the boss fight, you will notice he doesn’t have a health bar, which means the glitch worked. Though you will have to finish the phases of the boss to complete the quest.

So, what are your thoughts on the new glitch that allows players to complete the game mode easily? Are you planning on trying it out? Personally, I think the glitch makes game mode too easy for hardcore Destiny players, however, it is okay for players who don’t want to put any effort.

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