Destiny 2: Star-Eater Scales Nerfed, Super Bar Overcharge Needs 8 Orbs

Season of the Splicer
Season of the Splicer Bungie

Last weekend, Bungie reintroduced one of the most beloved raids in Destiny: The Vault of Glass. Some teams have already acquired the Tempo’s Edge Triumph that rewarded them with the "World First" title. But while everything seemed okay with the comeback, not every player is happy with what has happened.

You see, to make things fair for all who want to get the title, the developer has banned the use of an exotic armor piece for the first 24 hours. This exotic armor in question is the Star-Eater Scales. This exotic leg armor provides a huge boost to your overall damage. This includes damage done by your abilities, weapons, and supers.

The boost is activated by first filling up your Super energy bar to full. Then, picking up additional orbs of power will overcharge your character. Thus increasing your damage output, along with other benefits like instant healing and an overshield.

However, it appears that the developers may have nerfed it by only affecting your Super's damage, no more boosts to other damage types. Plus, players have noticed something quite problematic as well, as per a post.

The Problem

Originally, you can fully overcharge your Super bar by picking up just four orbs of power. Yet developers may have inadvertently made it so much harder to achieve by increasing that requirement to eight orbs instead.

Players went to Reddit to voice their frustration about the supposed nerf. Redditor “pdebz” started a thread stating that the devs should consider reverting the changes. They said that it is okay to remove the weapon buffs but the original four orbs should remain.

Some people already saw the nerf coming and have also stated that the change may be too much. Others have said that it is nearly impossible to gain eight orbs of power in any activity in the game.

The Redditor called the attention of lead community manager Chris “Cozmo23” Shannon and senior community manager Dylan “dmg04” Gafner for comment, but the two have yet to reply about the issue at the time of writing.

Are you affected by this huge nerf? Do you think that the devs will revert the change or will they stick with it?

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