Destiny 2 Iron Banner Bug Led Players to Waste Hundreds of Tokens for Nothing

Destiny 2 Iron Banner Riiswalker Shotgun
Destiny 2 Iron Banner Riiswalker Shotgun Bungie

The first Iron Banner in Destiny 2: Season of the Splicer is already here and while people usually enjoy the once-a-month PvP event, some have expressed their disappointment due to a problem in getting certain drops.

Every time Lord Saladin comes back to host the Iron Banner, players save up their Iron Banner tokens from the previous event for another chance to acquire new exclusive items.

Two new weapons are on offer and even though players can acquire them through quests, some can get them simply by exchanging the tokens. Of course, luck is still needed, but the idea here is people can have the chance to gain the Riiswalker shotgun and the Archon’s Thunder machine gun without going through the grind.

The problem is that some people have already spent hundreds, if not thousands, of their hard-earned Iron Banner tokens only for Bungie to tell them that they’ve discovered a bug preventing players from acquiring these weapons.

The Outrage

@BungieHelp tweeted that devs are currently investigating an issue where players cannot gain the Riiswalker and Archon’s Thunder weapons from Lord Saladin, Bounties, Iron Engrams, or post-match rewards.

The statement was released a few hours after the Iron Banner event started, which means that people have already spent many tokens in the process.

In a Reddit post, players have shown their outrage and said they’ve wasted so much time and effort saving up those Iron Banner tokens just for nothing.

One Redditor said that he had spent a total of 1,000 Iron Banner tokens, while another claimed that he had spent over 2,000 without ever acquiring the elusive shotgun or machine gun.

To add insult to injury, Destiny 2 community manager Dylan “dmg04” Gaffner tweeted that the devs are already aware of the issue, but may only add the said weapons in the bounty pool by the next Iron Banner event on June 8.

Those who really want to get the special Iron Banner guns at this time can only acquire them by completing a lengthy quest chain.

Some people are clamoring for Bungie to give them compensation, though the developers have not issued a comment about it at this time.

Have you spent your Iron Banner Tokens in the hopes of getting the Riiswalker or Archon’s Thunder weapons?

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