Destiny 2 Gets Nightfall Scoring And New Emblems Next Week

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Bet they have some great Engrams.
Bet they have some great Engrams. Bungie-Activision

Bungie says Nightfall scoring system, an incredibly popular endgame feature from Destiny 1, will make its Destiny 2 debut before the end of the month. And the studio finally has a plan to make player emblems less uniform after players begin to experience the game’s toughest content.

February has been a busy month for the Destiny community. We’re only a few days removed from Crimson Days, Destiny 2’s reborn (and much improved) Valentine’s Day event, and not even a week into the third Faction Rally of Season Two. Bungie published, and later revised, a new developmental roadmap for its shared-world shooter. Some features had to be pushed back but there’s still a lot of great stuff planned for 2018. Now the studio says Nightfall scoring will return after the next weekly reset on Tuesday, Feb. 27. And the latest addition to Nightfall strikes has even been integrated into the game’s emblem system.

Destiny 2
Destiny 2 Activision / Bungie

In addition to announcing the debut of Nightfall scoring, Bungie unveiled significant changes to the emblem system that should lead to more variety on social screens and give players some incentive to put up the highest scores possible in Destiny 2’s toughest strikes. Beginning next week, Nightfall emblems will have several variants, each maintaining the unique look and feel of the boss or activity its memorializing, while giving players some ability to differentiate their look from others who’ve completed the same tasks.

“If an Emblem indicates high achievement and lots of players use it, we didn’t want that to mean that everyone looks the same. But we still want achievement emblems to be recognizable as such,” Bungie said in its weekly address. “Variants are being introduced to allow visible achievement without losing the recognizable identity of the emblem.”

A number of Crucible emblems will also receive variants; however, some will only be available after specific conditions have been met. The examples cited in the latest “This Week at Bungie” are alternate looks for Victorious Veteran (a.k.a. the Crucible Kills emblem) unlocked by defeating 1000 Hunters, Titans or Warlocks in PvP. The studio says it will be looking into other ways it can implement the expanded emblem functionality into Destiny 2 too.

Destiny 2 is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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