Destiny 2 Light Level Farming Guide For Beyond Light

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Destiny 2: Beyond Light
Destiny 2: Beyond Light bungie

Bungie just released the latest expansion for Destiny 2, called Beyond Light. As with every other expansion, Beyond Light brings a new light level grind. If you are interested in attempting the raids, light level plays an important role as it makes the raid bosses easier to fight.

The minimum light level starts at 1050 and maxes at 1260. Honestly, grinding light levels without knowing anything about it can be frustrating and time consuming. So, here is a guide on how to raise your light level with ease.

Rare gear drops:

Rare drops will help you grind your light level easily from 1050 to 1200. After reaching that light level, it becomes harder to grind up to 1260. Thankfully, rare drops will usually have a higher light level, which makes your overall light level go up by a little.

The best way to earn these rare drops is to complete public events or do lost sector discoveries with a squad to make the grind faster. We recommend you make the public events heroic by doing the challenges to earn more drops. Another option is to open regional chests, but these chests can only be opened once.

Powerful Gear:

We recommend you to do this step only after grinding your way through the 1200 soft cap as rare gear won’t really give you a light level boost from here on. Powerful gear is much harder and is more time-consuming to obtain, but it’s easy if you have a squad of four players. You’ll want to focus on the following for powerful gear drops:

  • Clan Challenges: These can be accessed in the tower and they refresh every week.
  • Exotic Quests: These can be found in the directory when you launch the game.
  • Random Drops: Play and hope for a random drop.
  • Prime Engrams: Complete activities throughout the orbit and get some random engrams.
  • Season Pass: Players who have purchased the season pass can get drops every few levels. So, grind the game for season pass XP.
  • Nightfall Challenges: Complete weekly Ordeal strikes to obtain a powerful gear drop.
  • Crucible Challenges: Win seven rounds in Survival or Competitive to earn a powerful drop.

With enough powerful gear, you should get your light level to climb up to the new cap of 1260.

So what do you think? Are you already working your way up to the new light level cap? Have you found any strategies that help with the grind? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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