Destiny 2's Beyond Light ViDoc Shows The Return Of Uldren Sov

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Destiny 2's Beyond Light Roadmap
Destiny 2's Beyond Light Roadmap Bungie

Bungie just released a 14-minute long ViDoc discussing Beyond Light’s roadmap and rewards. The ViDoc is basically a video documentary created by Bungie to showcase the upcoming events for Destiny. The new expansion will release on November 10, with tons of new content including new subclasses for the Stasis element. Bungie focused on topics such as the new Europa destination, the new element Stasis, and new exotics.

The most exciting part of the ViDoc was a look at the former Vanguard, Osiris, who was banished from The City due to his fascination with the Vex. We also get to see one of the most hated characters in Destiny, Uldren Sov. Cayde-6, one of the most popular characters in Destiny, was murdered by Uldren at the start of the Forsaken DLC. The story progresses with Uldren being killed by Petra Venj, a really close friend of Cayde-6. However, Uldren got resurrected without any memories and calls himself Crow, a new guardian who helps the other guardians fend off Hive threats.

Bungie has also revealed the roadmap of Beyond Light and all its seasons:

November 11

  • Beyond Light Campaign
  • Stasis Elemental Unlocks
  • Salvation’s Grip Exotic
  • Free To Play Content

Season Of The Hunt (November to February)

November 11

  • Seasonal Artifact and new reward track
  • Empire Hunts begins
  • The Glassway Strike opens

November 13

  • Adept weapons added to Trials of Osiris

November 17

  • Wrathborn Hunts begin
  • Season mission begins

November 21

  • Raid Opens: Deep Stone Crypt

December 12

  • Iron Banner event is back

December 15

  • The Dawning event

More details on Europa and the new exotic weapons/gear can be found here. If you want some cool bonuses, don’t forget to preorder the expansion as Bungie is offering Emotes, a legendary Sparrow, an Exotic Pulse Rifle, and much more.

So, what are your thoughts on the new ViDoc teaser from Bungie? Are you excited for the return of some characters from the older expansions? Whatever your thoughts may be, let us know in the comments below.

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