Destiny 2 Crimson Day Event Removed; New Seasonal Challenges Added

What's in store for Destiny 2?
What's in store for Destiny 2? Bungie

Bungie just announced some sad news for couples who want to play Crimson Days in Destiny 2. The Valentine’s Day event that usually occurs every February since the original Destiny has been removed permanently due to the lack of quality from the developers.

“While we’ll miss the event, this move will allow us to maintain focus for alternate Seasonal offerings, ranging from quests to activities and more. We have quite a bit planned for Season of the [REDACTED] and our hope is that we’ve maintained, or even improved, the quality you’ve come to expect from this upcoming release,” stated Bungie.

Bungie plans to improve the seasonal offering by adding more quests and events to make the game less stale. However, Crimson Doubles will be shifted to the vault for now and might return if the developers feel like it. It won’t appear anytime soon, but you can play other game modes to relax with your partner instead.

The new seasonal challenges might be a bit confusing if you are new to the game, here’s a quick breakdown of how those work:

  • Every week, for the first 10 weeks of a season, players will receive between 3 and 10 challenges automatically.
  • Most challenges are your regular events to power up gear, but some rare challenges will be mixed up to add progression to your seasonal challenge.
  • Players can only do these challenges once per character and can be finished any time before the end of the season.
  • These challenges will give you XP for your seasonal challenges and the rewards vary all the way from something as little as bright dust to exotic items.

So, what are your thoughts on the removal of Crimson Days by Bungie? Do you think players will be outraged by this change? Personally, I think if it helps in developing other aspects of the game and gives more content, players should be happy. Whatever your thoughts may be, let us know in the comments below.

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