Desperados 3 Welcomes Voodoo Mistress Isabelle Moreau To The Gang

Welcome the gang's newest member!
Welcome the gang's newest member! Mimimi Games

The Desperados 3 gang of Doc McCoy, Hector, John Cooper, and Miss Kate O'Hara welcomes its newest member in Isabelle Moreau. From what we know, she’s gonna do bad things in this modern real-time tactics game set in the ruthless Wild West.

You can watch her reveal trailer below:

Isabelle Moreau, born and raised in New Orleans, has mastered the occult techniques of Voodoo. With her talents and skills, this latest character in Desperados 3 is able to control, connect, and distract enemies. She can control the actions of her enemies by slipping into their minds. She can also establish a dark, ill-fated bond between two enemies. As shown in the trailer, once Isabelle slits the throat of one enemy, the other one is also going to suffer from a slit throat and bleed out. These powers, however, come with a price. Isabelle must offer a blood sacrifice whenever she decides to use her powers and she has to use her very own blood for this.

Desperados 3 is a story-driven hardcore tactical stealth game, which is the long-awaited prequel to the classic Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive. Players experience the origin story of the infamous John Cooper and his ragtag band of unlikely heroes and heroines. Players can combine specialists to hurdle tough challenges in many different ways. Moves should be planned wisely and perfectly executed in order to remain undetected as you sneak past enemies and accomplish your missions.

The features of Desperados 3 include the following:

  • Play as five completely different characters with their unique skill set.
  • Approach each mission with a big variety of different solutions and paths.
  • Resolve seemingly impossible large enemy setups with careful planning and perfectly timed execution.
  • Witness the glory of classic Wild West scenarios like frontier towns, mysterious swamps, sprawling modern cities and many more by day and night.
  • Defeat your foes choosing between deadly and non-lethal options, stealth and blazing gun.

Players can experience the power of voodoo in Desperados 3 on PC, PlayStation 4, or Xbox One later this year. You can pre-roder the first adventure of Desperados 3 here.

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