Defender Pack Now Available In Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Store

Support the cause!
Support the cause! Activision

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare announced that the Defender Pack is now available for purchase in the game store. The pack offers a total of 11 in-game digital items. That's not all, as 100% of the proceeds generated from the pack are going to The Call of Duty Endowment, a non-profit organization that helps veterans in both the US and UK find high quality civilian jobs.

What's in store for you with the Defender Pack? You can head into battle with the ‘Defender’ Weapon Variant, a customized .357 revolver that comes with three attachments. The attachments are:

  • Picatinny rail-mounted sight with a customized reticle which allows players a clear sight picture in order to have precise target and aim identification,
  • Lightweight trigger for crisp and consistent fast-firing trigger break performance, and
  • Custom skin that utilizes the Endowment colors in its design.

Both the trigger and the grip are already available for those who buy the Call of Duty Endowment Defender Pack. The optic and customized reticle are going to be available in the coming weeks.

Other items that come with the Defender Pack are:

  • Watch
    • Check the time with an in-game watch.
    • The in-game watch not only shows the Endowment logo on the face, but also displays the date.
  • Weapon Camo
    • Equip the special weapon camo and make any weapon stand out in your armory.
  • Weapon Charm
    • Give you gunplay that additional flair with this unique weapon charm.
  • Calling Card
    • Show your veteran support with this calling card.
  • Emblem
    • Personalize your identity with three Call of Duty Endowment emblems.
    • This includes an animated emblem that features the Endowment logo.
  • Sticker
    • Bring the Call of Duty Endowment logo to your inventory with this unique sticker.
  • Spray
    • Rep the Endowment and leave your mark wherever your Multiplayer battle takes you with two sprays that feature the Call of Duty Endowment logo.
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