Deep Rock Galactic Season 3 Patch 3 Tweaks Leadbuster Grenades

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Deep Rock Galactic has received another patch. While fans of the game are enjoying Season 3, the game still has room for improvement. The developer released a small patch today, just a few days after Patch 2, addressing some of the lingering issues.

Patch 3 brings several balancing changes to Leadbuster Grenades. Its base and friendly-fire damage are reduced while the short-range shot damage is increased. Longer-range shot damage received a slight reduction as well. The developer also nerfed the extreme damage variance and unnecessary damage.

You can read about the bug fixes below.

Patch Notes

  • Attempt to fix Hiveguard not activating
  • Fixed Electric SMG Magazines did not have skin applied in game
  • Fixed Scout flares has no gravity for clients
  • [Modding] Caching of mod dependencies is now a thing + a visual dependency loading guide on the modding menu
  • Fix/workaround for light function bug exposed by bullet grenade
  • Fixed Immortal cave leech
  • Fix triggershere on contagion spike not triggering UI within the correct distance
  • Bosco will now seek out foam and clean it up automatically when he is in following mode
  • Fixed promotion campaigns having a very high rate of lithophage warning
  • Fixed Music from the DLC videos continues after you quit the ESC menu
  • Fixed Bosco tutorial hint appearing after player joined game
  • Fixed issues when telling Bosco to clean foam from far away
  • Leadburster: Can no longer get stuck and deployed on enemies
  • Fixed Unable to shoot when holding Shift+W
  • Fixed Bosco's rocket upgrades not working
  • Fixed dwarves no longer saying a voice line when calling for Bosco to fire a rocket
  • Fixed Bosco not being able to carry plague hearts
  • Point extraction minehead now prioritizes positions that are not close to important locations
  • Fixed bullet hell ricochettes not getting the damage bonus from Variable chamber pressure
  • Fixed ricochettes sometimes choosing to ricochet towards the original target causing bullets to fly in not so helpful directions
  • Fixed bug causing leadburster to occasionally deploy when hitting enemies
  • Fixed that resupply can land on top of Fuel pod in Salvage missions
  • Fixed crash when joining game related to boomerang
  • A tad bigger collider on biotanks
  • Plague clean effect optimizations
  • First person foamer muzzle effect tweaked
  • Bosco now starts cleaning close to where you pinged when ordering him to clean foamGreatly increased range and velocity for Voltaic stun sweeper
  • Lead burster: lines to catch far away enemies were not starting further away
  • [Modding] Making Bosco moddable for multiplayer
  • Fixed Flares expire when solo game is paused
  • Fixed caretaker being immune to explosive damage
  • Adjusted lithophage warning probability on mission map + ensured that all biomes in the infection zone has at least 1 Lithophage warning
  • Improved hack-c landing locations a bit reducing the chance of him landing too far away

The complete patch notes of Deep Rock Galactic Season 3 Patch 3 are available on Steam.

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