Deep Rock Galactic: Plaguefall Season 3 Now Live

Season 3: Plaguefall
Season 3: Plaguefall Twitter/@JoinDeepRock

Deep Rock Galactic: Plaguefall has now begun. In the game’s third season, a new threat has fallen from the sky and it’s up to you and your gang of gun-toting space dwarves to deal with it.

Beware of Meteors

Normal missions in Deep Rock Galactic are not the same as before because of the new Rockpox threat. There are meteor strikes that can happen during normal missions. Once the game warns you about them, it’s important to focus all your attention to clear out the impact zone as soon as possible.

You must crack the meteorite open using a new item called the Powerful Rock Cracker module. Inside the meteorite is Plague Hearts that can be exchanged in the R&D department for some Scripts - in-game currency that allows you to unlock items in the cosmetic tree.

Here Comes the Lithophage

What happens if the Plague Hearts are not taken care of? They will grow into full Contagion Spikes that rapidly spread across the cave, causing a Lithophage Outbreak.

A warning message prompts you if that happens. When the outbreak begins, you’ll have to eliminate the Rockpox Contagion Spikes, in addition to your normal mission objective.

Pulsating Pods will start to appear when the Contagion Spike matures and these things are filled with Rockpox Larvae. These enemies may be small, but make no mistake, they can infect any living creature they come across.

Right now, the Rockpox Larvae can infect any Grunt or Praetorian they can find. The best way to eliminate these infected enemies is to aim for the Rockpox boils covering their bodies.

How to Take Care of the Problem

To neutralize the Contagion Spikes, the R&D department has come up with cleansing tools in the form of the LithoFoamer and LithoVac. Apply a generous amount of LithoFoam on the Rockpox Blisters surrounding a Contagion Spike. After the agent has chemically bonded with the Rockpox, you must use the LithoVac to suck both the foam and any Rockpox it has bonded to.

Season 3 Changes
  • Industrial Sabotage Mission
    • Reduced minimum time to hack a generator
    • Increased Transmitter Node connection Range a bit
  • Rival Patrol Bots
    • Reduced bot acceleration/deceleration a bit so the bots are now a little easier to track
    • Reduced damage of burst shots
    • Reduced damage of sniper shots
    • Reduced the speed and maneuverability of the homing missiles
    • While the patrol bots can't be frozen solid, "freezing" them will still make their metal brittle and impart the standard damage bonus applied to frozen enemies but with all those hot electronics inside they warm back up quite quickly
    • Increased the amount of heat damage required to set Patrol Bots on fire

So, what can you say about Deep Rock Galactic: Plaguefall?

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