Deep Rock Galactic: What Are the New Grenades Introduced in Season 3 Update?

Plaguefall Season 3 Update
Plaguefall Season 3 Update Steam

Season 3 of Deep Rock Galactic is now underway and with it is an update that introduces new content, including new grenades that players can use to eliminate the menacing Rockpox threat.

There are four new grenades in Deep Rock Galactic. The first is the Voltaic Stun Sweeper, an Electric Boomerang for Scouts that bounces off targets, electrocuting each enemy it hits.

The second is a Driller specialty known as the Springloaded Ripper. Once thrown to the ground, the grenade turns into a motorized saw that slices and dices anything that it hits.

The third new grenade was made using reprogrammed Shredder Drones and it’s called the Shredder Swarm. As the name implies, this grenade utilizes hacked drones to attack any enemy on sight. This can be used by the Engineer.

Last but not least, the Tactical Leadburster is a new grenade available to the Gunner that, well, has a gun on it. This thing attaches to any surface and exposes a rapid-firing weapon that will spray bullets at nearby enemies.

Voltaic Stun Sweeper
Voltaic Stun Sweeper Steam

The Season 3 Update also implements various weapon tweaks. The Scout’s Deepcore GK2, for example, has its base weapon damage and magazine size increased. Here are the other adjustments:

Experimental Plasma Charger
  • T5 Flying Nightmare Upgrade
    • Removed the damage bonus
    • Converted a large part of charged shot damage to fire damage
    • Increased the radius penalty slightly
    • Merged the T5 upgrade Hot Plasma into this upgrade
    • Renamed to Burning Nightmare
  • New T5 Plasma Splash Upgrade
    • Normal shots have some of their damage changed from direct to area damage
Deepcore GK2
  • Increased the base weapon damage
  • Removed the base weak point damage bonus
  • Increased base weak point stun chance
  • Increased base magazine size
  • Adjusted base ammo to match new mag size
  • Added a new reload speed upgrade to T1
  • Moved some of the RoF bonus from the T1 Supercharged Feed Mechanism upgrade to the base weapon
  • Increased the T2 Ammo upgrade bonus
  • Increased the bonus of the T2 damage upgrade
  • Removed the T3 damage upgrade
  • Moved T4 RoF Upgrade to T5
Electrifying Reload OC
  • Adjusted the magazine and ammo penalty to match the new base
  • Increased the damage of the electrocution effect
  • Made it do a bit of extra electric damage for every bullet that is in the enemy when you trigger the effect
Bullets of Mercy OC
  • Increased the magazine size penalty
  • Increased the damage bonus
  • Fixed the damage bonus not triggering on electric arcs, pheromones, corrosion, plasma fields, sticky flames, and environmental radiation. The bonus will also trigger when shooting enemies infected with Rockpox, but you really should just aim at the blisters.

The full patch notes can be found here.

Deep Rock Galactic Season 3 Update is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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