Deep Rock Galactic Season 3 Patch 2: Game Additions and Bug Fixes

Deep Rock Galactic Season 3 Patch 2
Deep Rock Galactic Season 3 Patch 2 Steam

The developers of Deep Rock Galactic recently released a new update that made small additions and fixes several issues.

New Additions

In this update, developers added a new Plague meteor warning effect to alert players when meteor events will happen. Players can use the sound of the warning to get to safety, so they can farm during meteor events with less worry. Also, developers added extra damage to the infected praetorian spit attack, which should make it slightly stronger.

Missing Minerals Bug Fix

The developers fixed a coding issue where missing minerals spawned in veins always reported zero in shipping builds. This would result in spawning way too many missing minerals that could cause bigger problems.

Deep Rock Galactic Season 3 Patch 2

Patch Notes
  • Extended the delay before player infection buildup begins to drop.
  • Fix outlines not being correctly disabled on HoldTab functionality for Cleanup Pod, Minimules, Battery Crate, Broken Supply Pod, SupplyPods.
  • Removed beer can from character selection screen.
  • Added better collision to Meteor Top.
  • Decreased priority of meteor "calldown rock cracker" usable, carriables can no longer get stuck inside the usable collision.
  • Fixed maggots not animating.
  • Reduced max vertical spawning angle of Contagion Spike.
  • Improved Meteor spawning in escort missions.
  • Shieldtank/oppressor sound turned down a bit.
  • Burst pistol volume tweak+assault rifle volume tweaks.
  • Bosco can now carry doretta's head again.
  • Dwarf should no longer get stuck behind medbay biotank.
  • Lowered Ripper friendly fire collider radius making it easier to dodge.
  • Added fixed glowing light materials for dlc helmets.
  • Minor bugfix for intersections on spacerig.
  • Boomerang Grenade: Fixed up look of trail + movement when no target is found, clients targeting stuff in the ceiling is now better.
  • Springloaded Ripper: Added aim reticle.
  • Attempt to reduce lag when Contagion Spike is cleaned.
  • Fixed Shellbacks killed while frozen will not play their death animation.
  • Fixed that Friendly shredder drones seem to fly to the host or existing shredder swarms, even when far away from them.
  • Add support for headwear to use the "slim" armor version to prevent clipping.
  • Make Full Plague DLC headwear use "slim" armors.
  • Fixed weapon ammo displays not animating.
  • Fixed Meteor landed next to the Drilldozer lander, preventing rockbreaker attachment.
  • Fixed bug, where robot rebellion and roughnecks paintjobs didn't glow enough on the neonskin frameworks.
  • Fixed Unlocking the Milspec framework for one weapon, shows a permanent red exclamation mark for all weapons in the equipment terminal.
  • Fixed Status effects blocking Dreadnought health bar.
  • Fixed Escort doretta going back and forth bug.
  • Fixed debri lights on Plague areas.

You can read more about the update here.

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