Decision: Red Daze New Update Lets Players Set Custom Hotkeys

Update 1 FlyAnvil

Decision: Red Daze is an isometric action RPG with a unique take on survival and base-building mechanics. You play as a lowly survivor who inhabits the Dust Bowl - a place riddled with mutated creatures affected by a mysterious phenomenon known as the Red Daze. Your mission is to build a settlement that's strong enough to keep these dangerous creatures at bay. You can assign soldiers to defend your base while you're out there scouring the world for much-needed resources.

Developer FlyAnvil released the game's first major patch, which brought a ton of cool and convenient features. One of the most notable things in this patch is that you can now set hotkeys for all gameplay-related actions in Decision: Red Daze. On top of that, there's a new option that lets you access a list of all the items and resources your squad members have in one convenient place! This is a huge quality-of-life feature because you no longer have to open your squad's individual inventories just to find a specific item.

To help you deal with the enemy, Update 1 also introduced mines and shields! Set mines that explode once the enemy comes too close, while shields are useful for mitigating damage.

You can read the other notable features in Update 1 below:


  • Added a functionality to change keyboard bindings.


  • Quick Resource Distribution: added options to place resources in the Shared Squad Inventory, distributing them evenly across all squad members, and an ability to quickly stash loot from every squad member's inventory into the warehouse.


  • Building upgrades now require a specific amount of settlers to unlock, to make sure that every building has at least one working settler.
  • Improvements to the Guard Towers: guards will now be visually available in the tower and will physically perform security functions.


  • Player's actions in the inventory will no longer change the order of items on the list.
  • Improved visibility of information about the possibility of a contract with the merchant guild. Previously, this information was available only after talking with a merchant in the wasteland.
  • Exit button moved to the bottom of the window with the hotkeys in the options window.
  • Improved display of changes in the number of resources in the results window of the day after sleep.
  • Added a block of information about the consumption of resources in the sleep window. Now before sleeping you can find out if you have enough resources for production.
  • Added animations of the city selection element on the map.


  • Reduced the frequency of falls and remove tossing while fighting the trolls
  • Improved behavior of units
  • Improved the behavior of mercenaries. Now they follow only the nearest leader (player) and will not run to another city if the player changes character.
  • Improved the lighting of shots in the daytime. This will improve the visual quality of the daytime flamethrower shots and make it less over-lit.
  • Added some obstacles to the global map. Now there is no shortcut between some entrances to out-of-town settlements.
  • Added new game hints in the dialogue with Frank regarding the newest additions.
  • Improved settler behavior.

Decision: Red Daze Update 1 is available on PC.

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