Deceive Inc. to Introduce Heat System in Upcoming Update

Turn up the heat.
Turn up the heat. Sweet Bandits Studios

A new update is coming out later this month for Deceive Inc, titled Misery Empire, which will bring the Heat System. The goal of this new system is to increase the operational standards and make sure that agents won't act too recklessly when they're on the field.

Once the Heat System goes live, players should be able to see a new bar under their health at all times. This bar gets filled every time the player eliminates innocent NPCs. There's a total of three thresholds and when each one is reached, players get punished. These are:

  • First Heat Level
    • Players become 30% more vulnerable to damage for 12 seconds.
    • This penalty is renewed on the next NPC elimination while on this level.
  • Second Heat Level
    • Players become 50% more vulnerable to damage for 15 seconds.
    • This penalty is renewed on the next NPC elimination while on this level.
  • Third Heat Level
    • Players take 100% more damage for 20 seconds.
    • They also get the exposed status effect which makes them unable to recover for the duration.
    • This is considered as a severe penalty and happens only to the most unhinged of agents.

Of course, there's a way to bring down the heat by taking cover and stop taking out innocent NPCs. What this means is lay low for a short while.

Team Intel

The upcoming update also makes changes to Team Intel where intel is now once per team rather than per individual. The development team revealed in a post that the changes should have effects which can be considered as beneficial. These include:

  • It slows down the extremely breakneck speed of unlocking vault terminals in the first phase.
  • It adds strategy to team matches in who should take which intel to have the most efficient run.
  • It adds incentive to split the team, taking more risks while speeding up the team’s progression.
  • It gives a lot of value to finding keycards in teams.

Team Revive Mechanic

According to the team, being able to revive once is a good incentive not to be taken out but has the tendency to lead to frustrating matches. The new update increases the number of times a player can revive to three, but there will be additive penalties to their max health.

Deceive Inc. is available on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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