Deceit update V2021.6: Combat System Change, Bug Fixes, and More

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Deceit recently got a new update that made improvements to the combat system, added a legacy version for the game, and fixed bugs.

The combat system received a change where the enraged terrors are now faster than the non-enraged terrors. This would make it harder for the survivors to escape. Additionally, the Strong Scent perk got a rework, which should make the terror sense clearer.

Deceit Update V2021.6

  • Swiping an Innocent at night will now ragdoll them instead of playing the usual down animation.
  • Players now receive 2 Traps when they complete an Objective awarding Traps.
  • Traps now deal 300 damage instead of 400. This means a Trap will no longer almost always down a Terror (360 base health).
  • The Camera can now be fired every 0.75s (down from 1.5s).
  • Terrors now play a death animation when they're killed during the night.
  • The Experiment's clone now plays the correct run animations, mimics the Experiment's death audio & plays the new death animation when killed.
  • The Yeti is no longer slowed by 5% whilst its shield is active.
  • The visual for anonymous players at night has been updated to be less “ghost” like & to remove any identifying information about the player.
  • The Pistol is now always auto-equipped after using up another item.
  • The audio cue for players using Tamper Boxes and destroying Fuse Boxes has been made quieter.
  • Escape points are now shown on the minimap once they're available for use.
  • When a Generator is outlined to you at night, the player interacting with it (if they exist) will also be outlined.
  • The in-game translations have been updated thanks to our Community Translators.
  • Terrors can occasionally swipe players down even though they have an execution available.
  • The Escape Door interaction animations on the Asylum don't always line up correctly.
  • Your hand doesn't always correctly line up when restarting Generators at night.
  • Execution animations don't play correctly when killed from behind.
  • The Human and the Terror can occasionally be separated during the Execution animation.

You can read more about the update here.

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