Girls of Dead or Alive 6 Dropping by The King of Fighters ALLSTAR

This is going to be one hot summer.
This is going to be one hot summer. Netmarble

The summer is about to get even hotter as girl power is coming to The King of Fighters AllStar. That’s because some of the girls of Dead or Alive 6 are dropping by for a visit. This collaboration officially starts on July 29.

Making things even more exciting is that the pre-registration for this event leads to a coupon at the collab's launch that can be exchanged for 3,000 Rubies. This offer is only valid until July 27.

For this upcoming collaboration, players get the chance to add Honoka, Kasumi, Marie Rose, and Nyotengu to their rosters. Honoka and Marie Rose can be accessed for free after finishing in-game missions. Since it's summer, be ready to get various “swimsuit version” uniforms that include:

  • Angel of Paradise Honoka
  • Angel of Paradise Kasumi
  • Angel of Paradise Marie Rose
  • Angel of Paradise Nyotengu

Other features of this new collab are a Special Story and a new Dungeon. Additional details are to be released closer to the launch date.

Dead or Alive 6 is a fighting game released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Upon launch, 21 playable characters were available with more added by DLCs or unlocks. One of the new features introduced by the game is the slow-motion moments as well as the visible damage on the fighters. It’s also the first game in the franchise to offer a costume customization mod. DOA6 has received good reviews with many citing the battle arenas, polished gameplay, and beginner-friendly tutorials.

The King of Fighters AllStar is available for download on the App Store and Google Play. The game has players fight across waves of enemies, go against giant bosses, and even take on rival fighter teams. In addition to the fast-paced fighting action, it also offers bold colors, cutting-edge graphics, and lightning-fast animations. The game features many of the characters from the King of Fighters series starting from ’94 to XIV. That should be at least 130 fighters available. Besides Dead or Alive 6, the game has had other collaborations, such as Tekken 7 and Samurai Shodown.

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