Dead by Daylight: Wiggle Mechanic Getting Updated

Do the wiggle.
Do the wiggle. Behaviour Interactive

One of the unique features available in Dead by Daylight is known as the Wiggle mechanic. This game mechanic gives survivors the chance to get away from the killer. An update to this system was introduced last year in the beta lab and now officially to be integrated into the game as part of Update 6.5.0. However, some changes will be made first before the system goes live.

Just so everyone is on the same page, in the game, a survivor has the option to wiggle when being carried on the shoulder by the killer. As the survivor continues to wiggle, it slowly fills up the Wiggle Meter. Once the meter is filled, the survivor wiggles free from the killer and puts them again to the injured state. In addition, a successful wiggle stuns the killer in place. It may be short but it's enough to let the survivor get that much needed distance from the killer.

Faster Wiggle Progression Removed

Going back to the system, the first change coming is that faster wiggle progression is going to be removed from great skill checks. This may appear small but could be the difference between getting hooked and wiggling free. Instead of the wiggle speed being increased, great skill checks increase the amount the killer sways while carrying a survivor by 20%. Great skill check success zones have been increased in size as well. Finally, good skill checks can still bump the killer but 50% less than previously normal.

New Sound Added

Another change is the new sound for non-attempts. In the past, this sound only played when the player missed a skill check but found out intense when played over and over for those who decided not to wiggle. This new audio is subtler than the last version.

Decisive Strike

The final change is on the interaction of the new system with Decisive Strike. Previously, wiggle skill checks would only start after the Decisive Strike skill check. Not only this caught a lot of players off guard but even caused some confusion.

With this change, there is now a 0.5-second delay after the Decisive Strike skill check before the wiggle skill checks appear. Players are also going to be credited a small amount of wiggle progress to make up for the added delay before these skill checks appear.

You can learn more about what’s being planned in the upcoming update. You can also read about the Nurse being nerfed or the addition of a new HUD for survivor activity.

Dead by Daylight is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS.

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