Dead by Daylight: Survivor Activity to be Displayed Next to Portrait

Work better with the team.
Work better with the team. Behaviour Interactive

Dead by Daylight is a game where one player takes on the role of a killer while four others play survivors. The survivors need to avoid being caught while doing what they can to fix five generators to power up the exit gates.

Since this is a team game, communication plays a very important role as it makes the difference between life and death. Solo survivors have to work extra hard and usually they sacrifice perk slots in exchange for important information that could be shared between the players in a call.

The Dead by Daylight team reminded everyone that last year, they shared an early design for a system that was projected to help bridge the gap between premade groups and solo survivors. The team shared that the response to this has been positive and now the system is ready to be launched in Update 6.5.0.

What's going to happen is that the current action of each survivor will be displayed next to their portrait. These actions include:

  • Repairing a Generator
  • Opening an Exit Gate
  • Healing, Mending, and Recovering
  • Cleansing and Blessing a Totem
  • Searching a Chest
  • Killer specific actions (snapping out of it, waking up a survivor, etc.)

With this, players not only give vital information to plan their next move but also give them visibility on what their teammates are doing. This should build camaraderie between a player and their fellow survivors. In addition, the actions are only visible to survivors.

Chase Indicator

Survivor actions aren't the only one added. There's also going to be a new indicator to show that a survivor is in a chase. In the past, it was only possible to know that when the Obsession was being chased because of the twitching icon.

Moving forward, survivors being chased now have a small set of Entity claws that surround their portrait. Meanwhile, Obsession continues to have a larger set of Entity claws around their portrait, keeping the effect visually similar.

However, compared to current activity, the killer can see who they are chasing, helping distinguish two similarly dressed survivors.

Health State

Another planned new addition is the new health state, shown when a survivor is being carried by the killer. Previously, the carried survivor was shown in the dying state and this confused new players looked for the aura of a dying teammate.

You can learn more about what’s being planned in the upcoming update. You can also read about The Nurse being nerfed or the changes made to the wiggle mechanic.

Dead by Daylight is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS.

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