Dead by Daylight: Latest Public Test Build Makes One Big Change to Prevent Camping

Patch 7.1.0 PTB Behaviour Interactive

Do you play as a survivor in Dead by Daylight? If so, do you often find yourself getting camped by the killer during matches? Well, that is what the developers are trying to address in Patch 7.1.0.

The dev team has made a significant change in Patch 7.1.0. Now, it is no longer possible for the killer to grab survivors while they're attempting to unhook. They said that this was to eliminate the awkward mind game when unhooking, thus improving the flow of the game. However, if you've played Dead by Daylight for a while, you know that the change was likely in response to a prevalent issue where a killer could easily eliminate both the hooked survivor and the person who was trying to free them.

To be clear, the killer can still hit you twice before you can escape. But the tweak is still necessary because it might reduce the prevalence of camping in Dead by Daylight.

Patch Notes


  • Fixed an issue where bots keep getting caught in the same trap if a pallet is not broken.
  • Fixed an issue that caused survivor bots to repeatedly restart the use of their flashlight when attempting to Blind a Killer.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where blockers would prevent players from navigating in the Mothers Dwelling map
  • Fixed an issue in the Raccoon City Police Station where zombies would get stuck
  • Fixed an issue where a survivor would clip through the doors of a locker in the Torment Creek map
  • Fixed an issue in the Fractured Cowshed where the Clown's gas clipper through the walls
  • Fixed a collision issue on the Torment Creek Map
  • Fixed a collision issue around the barn in the Fractured cowshed map
  • Fixed an issue where shows wrong error message of "Host unreachable."
  • Fixed an issue where shows corrupted data error popup unproperly.
  • Fixed an issue that caused loadout sometimes are equipped in Trials when all Match Management settings are set to None in custom game.
  • Tentatively fixed an issue that some players aren't able to unlock Adept achievements when meeting the requirements.


  • Fixed an issue where the loadout page is reset when the host changed the match management setting.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented adding a 4th bot due to player lists overlapping the button.
  • Fixed an issue where icons that should not be visible are visible while observing other players.
  • Fixed an issue where the challenge tracker is dismissed too fast.
  • Fixed an issue where the currency tooltip is behind survivor names in the lobby.

So, what's your reaction to the recent change that stops killers from grabbing survivors during an unhooking attempt?

Dead by Daylight Patch 7.1.0 PTB is available on Steam.

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