Dead by Daylight: Bot AI Vastly Improved in New Beta Update

Patch 7.0.0 Behaviour Interactive

Have you been playing Dead by Daylight for some time now? So, what can you say about the in-game bots? If you think that they needed improvements, developer Behaviour Interactive thinks so too. So, the company implemented adjustments to improve bot AI in Patch 7.0.0, now live on PTB.

Bots in Dead by Daylight will never be the same again due to the recent upgrades in Patch 7.0.0. First of all, they can now use the following perks to make them even more dynamic as the match goes on:

  • Background Player
  • Blood Rush
  • Potential Energy
  • Power Struggle
  • Reassurance
  • Urban Evasion

If you play as a killer, bots that have the Power Struggle perk can stun you by using a nearby pallet. Another useful (and hilarious) change is that bots will no longer do a common horror trope where they instinctively run to the basement when being chased by a killer.

You can find the other changes below:

  • Bots are more likely to run out of the Basement after wiggling off the Killer while in the Basement or on its stairs.
  • Bots no longer attempt to use Dead Hard when the Killer is unable to hit them (for example, when chased by a Demanfested Onryo).
  • Bots no longer drop held Items after wiping The Hag's Phantasm Trap.
  • Bots no longer have trouble with one window on the Rancid Abattoir Map.
  • Bots no longer stubbornly stay in a flee loop when there are important goals available (e.g. escape through opened gates).
  • Bots now avoid dropping an unsafe pallet when separated from the Killer by a small wall.
  • Bots playing against Freddy Krueger can now use Alarm Clocks.
  • Bots playing against Pyramid Head can now crouch whilst attempting to cross a Trail of Torment while crouching.
  • Bots playing against The Dredge now lock Lockers near Generators they are working on.
  • Bots playing against The Knight no longer consider a loop to be safe if a Guard is chasing alongside the Killer.
  • Bots playing against The Trapper have learned to avoid Bear Traps set at pallets.
  • Bots playing against The Twins are more likely to run up to and kick Victor.
  • Bots playing against The Twins can now use the Shove Door or Push interaction to remove Victor from a Locker.
  • Multiple Bots no longer attempt to sabotage the same hook at the same time.

So, what do you think? Do the recent improvements to the bot AI make them much better now?

Dead by Daylight Patch 7.0.0 is currently available on PTB until May 29.

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