Dead by Daylight Patch 6.7.1 Squashes Dozens of Bugs, Changelog Here

Dead by Daylight Patch 6.7.1 Steam/Behaviour Interactive Inc.

One of the most important updates of Dead by Daylight went live less than 24 hours ago. Patch 6.7.1 doesn't bring any new content or major balancing changes, but it offers multiple important bug fixes. Almost all aspects of the game have been touched upon, including bots, characters, and audio.

Speaking of bots, their behavior in certain situations has been changed. One such change is that bots that are infected with The Mastermind's Uroboros Infection will no longer engage in tickle fights and try to heal each other with First Aid Sprays. Another bug fix resolved is when playing against The Dredge, bots are now more likely to lock lockers. Finally, bots playing on the Rancid Abattoir map will no longer infinitely vault a window when attempting to unhook themselves.

A portion of the patch notes is mentioned below.


  • VFX issues no longer occur on The Oni during Intro Camera, Mori, and Score Screen.
  • VFX issues no longer occur on The Ghost Face when swapping between Cosmetics.
  • Smoke VFX no longer appears when switching between certain locked Cosmetics.
  • When The Skull Merchant destroys a Pallet, the animation plays out as intended.
  • Fixed an issue where, as The Spirit, vaulting from a high location and falling to the ground would cause her to jitter in the air instead of falling continuously.
  • Hitting a Survivor with The Knight's Guardia Compania now correctly resets Play with Your Food tokens.
  • The Flashlight beam is no longer obstructed by The Wraith's body when cloaked.
  • The Cenobite may no longer teleport far from the Survivor when the teleport is triggered right after the Survivor starts solving the Lament Configuration.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some of the cosmetic VFX to disappear while playing a match.
  • Fixed an issue that caused The Spirit's hands to briefly flash blue when releasing the Killer Power at the last second while charging, causing them to duplicate momentarily.


  • Disable an optimization on animation that caused choppy or low-frame rate animations in certain situations.


  • Fixed issue in Blackwater Swamp's Pale Rose map where there was a collision issue in the stairs of the Pale Rose's boat.
  • Fixed an issue on all maps around the killer shack where a collision would hinder navigation around the exterior of the shack.
  • Fixed an issue on The MacMillan Estate Groaning Storehouse map where the killer could body block access in the stairs to the basement.
  • Fixed an issue on The MacMillan Estate Suffocation pit map where the killer could body block access in the stairs to the basement.

You can read the complete patch notes via Steam. Dead by Daylight can also be purchased from there for only $19.99.

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