Dead by Daylight: New Beta Update Now Live on PTB

Patch 7.0.0 Behaviour Interactive

Behaviour Interactive has put up a new beta update for Dead by Daylight which you can now test on the public test build (PTB). Patch 7.0.0 introduces two new characters for you to play with.

New Killer

Singularity is a new killer in Dead by Daylight that specializes in tiring survivors out with Genetic Limits and Forced Hesitation. Genetic Limits lets a survivor who recently finished a healing action suffer from the Exhausted status effect for up to 32 seconds.

On the other hand, Forced Hesitation is a perk that applies the Hindered status effect to all survivors who are near a dying survivor. Anyone who suffers from this status effect has their movement speed reduced by 15%. Even though Forced Hesitation has a relatively long cooldown (60/50/40), it's enough for Singularity to take out all affected survivors in quick succession.

All of the above perks are complemented by Singularity's final perk, Machine Learning. This perk gets activated after damaging a generator. When active, the next generator the killer damages will be compromised. After the compromised generator is completed, Singularity becomes undetectable and gains 7% haste for up to 30 seconds.

New Survivor

Gabriel Soma joins the fray to help combat the menacing Singularity in Patch 7.0.0. His Troubleshooter perk lets him see the aura of the Generator with the most progress. Besides that, dropping a pallet grants him the ability to see the aura of the killer for several seconds. This perk is activated whenever he is being chased.

When Gabriel is injured, he gains a slight movement speed boost thanks to his "Made for This" perk. Additionally, he gains the Endurance buff after healing another survivor, which allows him to resist the killer's next attack.

Gabriel Soma is great for toolboxes due to his final perk, Scavenger. This perk activates whenever he's holding an empty Toolbox. Each time he succeeds at getting a Great Skill Check while repairing a generator, he gets one token up to a maximum of six. After reaching maximum tokens, he loses all of them to recharge the toolbox to full automatically. Furthermore, Scavenger grants Gabriel the ability to rummage through an opened chest once per Trial to acquire a basic toolbox.

Dead by Daylight Patch 7.0.0 is available on PTB until Monday next week. So, what can you say about the new characters?

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