Dead Cells December Update Introduces A New Enemy, Weapon, And Cosmetics

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Dead Cells is coming to iOS devices this summer, with Android planned for later this year.
Dead Cells is coming to iOS devices this summer, with Android planned for later this year. Motion Twin

Released in 2017, Dead Cells quickly became a platformer loved by millions of gamers around the world. Despite the game being quite approachable, it also has a pretty high skill ceiling that players can master. Since its release, Dead Cells has received several updates that have improved the game and made it a lot more fun.

Now, developer Motion Twin has announced that Dead Cells is set to receive new content in December that will introduce a new weapon, enemy type, and cosmetics. It's been quite some time since Dead Cells received a new update, and with Thanksgiving approaching, there couldn't have been a better time to release this update.

With the new weapon, players will be excited to take on a variety of enemies in Dead Cells. The new enemy, the details on which have yet to be revealed, will keep players busy for some time as they find new strategies to defeat it.

Dead Cells received its last content update back in August, introducing a new Derelict Distillery biome that featured explosive barrels in levels, which players could pick up and use as weapons. Fans also got to fight a new enemy type called a Mimic. In addition to that, the update also introduced two weapons, including the tesla coil and barrel launcher. The update that's arriving in December seems to be similar to what fans received back in August.

Motion Twin also apologized to fans for staying silent since August and sharing no details on what content was being planned for the game. The developer confirmed that it was involved in optimizing the team, which was impacted by the ongoing pandemic. Additionally, Motion Twin also stated that it has something big planned for the game, details of which can be expected in the following weeks.

Dead Cells is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android.

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