Dead Cells' Rise Of The Giant DLC Coming To Nintendo Switch

The 2017 breakaway hit Dead Cells just announced that its Rise of the Giant DLC is coming to Nintendo Switch.
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Rise of the Giant Splash
Rise of the Giant DLC for Dead Cells makes its way to Nintendo Switch on May 23, 2019. Motion Twin

Dead Cells dev Motion Twin has just announced that the free Rise of the Giant DLC, which came out in March for PC, will soon be available on Nintendo Switch. According the announcement, Rise of the Giant will go live for Switch users tomorrow, on May 23, 2019.

Dead Cells' Rise of the Giant DLC is a free content expansion that adds tons of the stuff to the base game, including new quests, new adventures, new locations, new enemies, new weapons, new skills, a new game mode, and more. Rise of the Giant not only adds more content to the game, but also improves upon the base game immensely. With new systems here and there, a bunch of quality of life improvements everywhere, and a beautiful, heartfelt $0.00 price tag, the Rise of the Giant DLC is a must-have for anyone who enjoyed/enjoys Dead Cells.

When it came out on March 28 for PC, Dead Cells' Rise of the Giant DLC was widely acclaimed as a wonderful addition to one of the best games of 2018. Developer Motion Twin received a ton of praise for the work they did on Dead Cells, the massive content drop that came in the form the Rise of the Giant DLC, and for overall embodying what it means to be an independent developer that stays true to gaming, not the gaming business machine.

While Switch users have had to wait two months to see the new Rise of the Giant DLC, we're sure fans are happy to know that the wait is almost over. Sometime in the next 24 hours, Rise of the Giant is going to drop on Nintendo Switch, and Dead Cells fans on the mobile console gaming platform will be able to experience for themselves the love and work that went into the all-new content.

Rise of the Giant Pic
Dead Cells' Rise of the Giant DLC adds a ton of the new stuff to the game, including enemies, weapons, levels, skills, and more. Photo: Motion Twin

What do you think about the Rise of the Giant DLC for Dead Cells? Did you enjoy the Dead Cells base game, and if so, did you enjoy it more with the additions included in Rise of the Giant? What do you think about Motion Twin and its decision to release the DLC as a free content release, instead of having players pay for it? Let us know in the comments section below!

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