Dead Cells: Accessibility Update Now in Beta

Accessibility Update Beta
Accessibility Update Beta Twitter/@motiontwin

The accessibility update for Dead Cells, which introduced various quality-of-life features, is now in beta. So, what has changed? Are there any new things added to the game?

In the alpha version of this update, the developers from Motion Twin reworked some weapons in Dead Cells - one of which is the Crowbar. The Crowbar is a melee weapon that has a special effect where players deal only critical damage for eight seconds upon destroying a door. That said, the new crit condition on stunned enemies added in the alpha update is reverted. Although the developers did not say why, the decision to revert the Crowbar back to its original state is likely because the weapon has become way too overpowered, as evidenced by this video.

This beta update is not all bad, though, as it implements new features for the game’s accessibility. New options have been added to let players toggle crit feedback and synergy icons on or off. Furthermore, players who want to know the full layout of the map will be happy about a new option added to “Assist Mode,” which instantly reveals the entire map.


  • Barnacle no longer crits on bleeding enemies
  • Machete and Pistol: The third hit now ignores side shields
  • Tweaked the Crit Feedback on the HUD to something less visually jarring
  • Changed all the Synergy Icons, as well as the Affect Icons, to make them more readable
  • Outlines' colors can now be changed
  • Added an option to toggle an outline for NPCs
  • Added an option to change the text size of Item Names, Item Item Descriptions, and Dialogues
  • The HUD size can now be increased
  • Added the Assist Mode to the Main Menu
  • Added an option to add a colored filter between the background and foreground. The color and opacity of the filter can be freely customized
  • Reorganized the entirety of the Options menu and added a new "Accessibility" section
  • "Show Kill Count" option is now enabled by default
  • The number of lives with Assist Mode's continue mode can now be changed
  • Added an option to prevent "Auto-Attack" from breaking doors
  • Fixed a crash when scrolling through the credits
  • Thunder Shield is no longer considered to be a ranged weapon
  • Fixed Options Sliders, with ranges different from 0-100, not working properly with a mouse
  • Fixed the control label being wrong in the Controller or Keyboard Rebind menus
  • Fixed a bug where Assist Mode's Continue would not work if the player died of a curse

The beta accessibility update for Dead Cells is available on PC.

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