Dead Cells: New Alpha Update Adds New Accessibility Options

Dead Cells: Queen and the Sea
Dead Cells: Queen and the Sea Steam

A new alpha update for the rogue-lite action-platformer Dead Cells is now available on PC. This update introduces various new options to help make the game more accessible to as many people as possible. Some of the new features include button remapping and new input options, among many others.

New Options

Let’s first start with the new input options. You can now hold the attack button to perform combos with your equipped weapon without spamming it to do the same thing. Besides that, there is a shield toggle to let you equip or unequip a shield with a simple press. A smart roll is also available, which automatically interrupts a roll if it would cause you to fall from a high platform.

Since Dead Cells is an action platformer, the jump key is one of the most commonly used buttons in the game. That said, there’s now an option that initiates a second jump at the end of the first one if you hold the jump key.

While the options mentioned are available for all input types, controller users have something specific. You can now change the functions of the left and right sticks on your gamepad. The D-Pad can be customized to your liking as well.

Control Customization Menu
Control Customization Menu Steam

Weapon Reworks

There are a lot of weapons available in the game. Some are powerful newcomers, while others require a tune-up. That said, eight weapons have been adjusted, and you can read the changes below:

  • Barnacle: New crit condition on bleeding or poisoned targets to make it less awkward (and bad).
  • Tentacle: Lots of bug fixes. It should be way more reliable now.
  • Crowbar: New crit condition on stunned enemies to make it less awkward too.
  • Magnetic Grenade: Full rework: It doesn't send enemies flying around (often in your head) but instead pulls them towards the explosion.
  • Biters pets: Now way more resistant to attacks and effects that don't specifically target them.
  • Corrupted Power: Now in % instead of a flat bonus. No other difference functionally speaking.
  • Wings of the Crow: Lots of bug fixes.
  • Decoy: Can be manually detonated after a few moments (it's not a grenade, but you don't have to awkwardly wait for it to explode if you don't want to).

Bear in mind that this is an alpha update, and the features mentioned above are subject to change based on feedback.

So, what can you say about the new accessibility options in Dead Cells? Are they enough to make the game more accessible or do you feel that the developers should add more?

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