Dead Cells: "Break the Bank" Update Now Available

"Break the Bank" Update
"Break the Bank" Update YouTube/@Motion Twin

The bank is now open! Dead Cells “Break the Bank” update is now available on all platforms. This patch also brings many quality-of-life changes and bug fixes, so read further to learn more.

New Biome

The Bank is an optional biome accessible via the flashy chest that pops up randomly during your run. Interacting with this chest will effectively replace the next biome in your path.

In addition, the bank contains one less scroll than the “best” biome that’s being replaced, but you are guaranteed a Cursed Chest in return. For instance, if the biome that was replaced has four scrolls, the bank will reward you with three scrolls plus a Cursed Chest.

This optional biome contains some platforming sequences that give pretty good rewards as well, so long as you have the patience and perseverance to take them on.

You can learn more about the bank here.


  • Items dropped after boss fights now have a +1 item level. Boss loot felt unrewarding due to its level, so we increased it by +1
  • Vampirism rework: Now you sacrifice a percentage of your maximum health to gain life leech on your melee attacks (double effect with heavy weapons) and gain a speed boost for 10 seconds
  • Increased War Spear damage. It is no longer flagged as a heavy weapon - this mainly impacts its affix pool
  • The Queen's resistance to “crowd control" effects (Stun, Root, etc) has been increased
  • Removed "Shield on Use" from Face Flask and Serenade affix pool
  • Scarecrow outfits now have proper names
  • Custom mode Cursed Chest's maximum curse increased to 999
  • Added the last fight of the Servants in the training room
  • Upgrading an item in quality at The Blacksmith's Apprentice doesn't reroll affixes anymore
  • Added permanent light in Servants boss rooms for the Follow the Light custom game gameplay modifier
  • Maw of the Deep now properly displays crits
  • Fixed invisible bullets for out of screen traps
  • Fixed servants dying off-screen after boss fight due to Barbed Tips
  • Fixed some custom mode softlocks
  • Fixed Giant's slam attack not spawning crystals
  • Fixed Pause Bug. Hopefully for good this time
  • Fixed custom mode gameplay modifiers incompatibility
  • Fixed Spoiler Boss's flask not appearing in the UI
  • Fixed falling through the ground on Carnivorous Plants
  • Cursed Sword now displays its true damage values
  • Various visual optimizations

Dead Cells is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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