DC Comics Reportedly To Relaunch Again To Mirror Television Shows And Movies

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DC Comics is reportedly relaunching its line of comics to mirror upcoming movies and television shows. DC Comics

DC Comic is reportedly relaunching its comic book line once again this summer.

According to multiple rumors and earlier reports , the changes in DC Comics have made its way from the top down and will now begin to show on comic book shelves starting in June.

Bleeding Cool is reporting the new DC Comics relaunch will start to mirror its new slate of movies and its established, well-received television shows. That means titles like Batman and Superman , which were never really in jeopardy, will be more prominent or even get more books. With the meteoric rise of hype for the upcoming Suicide Squad movie , that title, along with Harley Quinn’s solo book, should be safe.

Green Arrow , Flash and other titles associated with the television series should be safe from cancellation as well.

And to add more speculation and credence to the DC Comics relaunch reports, both Dan DiDio and Jim Lee, co-publishers of DC Comics, have tweeted out the same message, which you can see below.

This wouldn’t be the first time DC Comics has relaunched. It was only five years ago that the New 52 relaunch/reboot took over and created a brand new universe without decades of continuity attached to it.

Last year, DC Comics’ Convergence storyline re-established the multiverse in DC Comics. What will this new relaunch bring?

Let us know what you want to see and whether this is a good idea in the comments section.

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