DayZ: Update 1.15 Features New Weapons, New Survivor

DayZ Update 1.15
DayZ Update 1.15 Bohemia Interactive

DayZ’s final update of the year is now available. Update 1.15 features new weapons, a new survivor, and new additions to the game’s modding support, among others.

New Content

The latest update for DayZ introduces two variants of the iconic AUR assault rifle. The first is the A1 variant, which has a fixed scope, a 30-round magazine, and limited customizability. This is perfect for those who want a reliable gun right from the get-go.

However, if you have a knack for customization, the AX variant will satisfy your needs. When using this, you can equip a variety of scopes, suppressors, and it is compatible with standardized magazines as well.

To up the variety, the developers also introduced a brand new female survivor, which you can choose in the character selection screen.

Another significant addition is the hunter vest. This equipment has a good storage capacity so that you can carry everything that you need. This can be found around the hunting areas.

Update 1.15 Highlights

  • AUR A1 assault rifle
  • AUR AX assault rifle
  • 30rd AUR magazine
  • Hunter vest
  • UI indicator when being hit
  • Ski masks and balaclavas would clip with several pieces of headgear
  • Fixed a server error caused by specific attachment slots
  • Electric appliances would always make plug-in sounds when the user was connecting to the server
  • The sawed-off version of the BK-43 had wrong fire mode names
  • Added a missing bed in the big yellow medical tent
  • If a player died while in surrender stance, the death animation was played twice
  • Base building parts could become indestructible under specific circumstances
  • Grenades can't be pinned anymore, once the fuse has started
  • Adjusted the thresholds for energy and hydration levels
  • Food now takes longer to process in the stomach
  • Slightly reduced the health damage caused by dehydration and starvation
  • Adjusted weapon fire rates and recoil
  • Added new variants of muzzle flash for more variety
  • Changed the weight of tents to be more realistic
  • Unconsciousness caused by firearms lasts longer
  • Reworked conditions for allowed item combinations
  • Added: Particle overhaul, with the addition of "ParticleSource" and "ParticleManager"
  • Added: New script method PlayerBase::OnVoiceEventPlayback called per frame during voice sound event
  • Added: ErrorEx, script error message containing what class and function it came from
  • Added: HasActiveParticle for fast checking if the IEntity as any active particles
  • Added: GetParticleEmitorCount to quickly obtain the count of emitters
  • Added: IEntity::IsFlagSet for fast testing if a flag is present on the IEntity
  • Added: IEntity::IsHierarchyPositionOnly to check if it was added to a parent with "positionOnly" enabled

The full patch notes can be found on the game’s official website.

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