Dave the Diver Anniversary Edition Physical Package Coming Out May 30 for the Nintendo Switch

Dave the Diver Anniversary
A good game to add to the collection. Arc System Works

Arc System Works America announced that the physical package release of Dave the Diver Anniversary Edition is coming out on May 30 and to be available for the Nintendo Switch. Players who are interested to get a copy can now pre-order the game from selected retailers and the official site.

Indeed, it's only been a year since the game introduced players to a rather unique hybrid underwater gameplay. The game has sold more than three million copies around the world and earned a Metacritic score of 90.

For the Anniversary Edition, some players are sure to recognize a familiar look when they open the evening sushi bar. That's because customers are going to be cosplaying their favorite Guilty Gear -Strive- characters. That's not all since players also get to engage in a Guilty Gear -Strive- themed boat skin and even take on the "The Disaster Of Passion" rhythm game. These are all exclusive to the Nintendo Switch version.

There's more! The physical package also has exclusive features like the digital art book which showcases the game's memorable and pixelated characters and locations.

Aside from the Nintendo Switch, the game is also available for the PC along with consoles PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. It combines both action-adventure and management gameplay styles as players get to explore deep sea environments to gather ingredients for a sushi restaurant.

Key features of the game include:

  • A combination of adventure, RPG, and management.
    • It's easy to get hooked on the satisfying gameplay loop.
  • Casual combat and gathering gameplay with rogue-like elements
    • Dive deep into an ever-changing Blue Hole.
    • Use a harpoon and other weapons to catch fish and various creatures.
    • Upgrade and forge equipment to prepare for the dangers that lurk in the unknown.
      • Use collected resources and sushi restaurant profits.
    • When oxygen starts to run out just leave the collected items and even fish.
  • Eccentric characters with a lighthearted narrative
    • Meet quirky but lovable characters.
    • Enjoy a story full of in-jokes, spoofs, and other humorous scenes.
  • A beautiful sea environment with attractive 2D/3D Art
    • A combination of pixel and 3D graphics provides a stunning art style that showcases breathtaking underwater scenery.
    • Ample additional content to complement the main gameplay loop
    • The minigames, side quests, and multiple storylines provide many hours of entertainment and varied gameplay.

Get Dave the Diver now and start your adventure.

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