Dauntless: Path Of The Slayer Update Is Now Live, New Mastery System Introduced

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Dauntless: Path of the Slayer
Dauntless: Path of the Slayer Phoenix Labs

Phoenix Labs has released the Path of the Slayer update for Dauntless, which introduces, among others, new quests and a new map. This update is by far the largest that has been released for the game so far.

The update introduces a Mastery System where players can complete objectives and receive rewards. The system starts with what are known as Mastery Cards. These are unlocked once players either reach Behemoth or craft a new weapon. The Mastery Card unlocked will be specific to the item or creature.

Dauntless: Boreus Card
Dauntless: Boreus Card Phoenix Labs

Through the Mastery system, players can now unlock alternate weapon specials. These include:

  • Mighty Landbreaker (hammer)
  • Ardent Cyclone (sword)
  • Savage Wellspring (war pike)
  • Cruel Riftstrike (chain blades)

Alternate specials for the repeaters and axe are still in development and are expected to be released in a later patch.

Other changes introduced in this new update include:

  • Progression flow. Slayers will experience a new quest flow, new quests, and a bunch of other QOL improvements as they move from the Sheltered Frontier to the depths of the Maelstrom.
    • Tutorial cards. New tutorial slates offer fresh art and clearer explanations of Dauntless’ features.
    • Hunt board. The hunt board has a new look and interface. Pursuits are sorted by element group and new types of patrols are available. . Hunts will detail rewards and offer tips for fighting specific Behemoths.
    • Renamed Rogue Behemoths to Lesser Behemoths and added two new ones: Lesser Boreus and Lesser Drask.
  • Added new audio and visual effects to flower- and mushroom-gathering actions.
  • Voice chat. Slayers can now use built-in voice chat when partied up or hunting together. This can be toggled on and off in the Options menu.
  • Options overhaul. Replaced the existing options menu with a new, more functional one, and replaced the keybindings screen with a more customizable, intuitive one. Slayers will have much more control over audio options and should be able to more easily rebind keys.
  • Hunt Pass Season 4. Burndown brings barbarian style to the Shattered Isles.
  • Guild changes. Guilds are now free to create! Slayers who purchased Guild Charters in the past will receive a platinum refund. This includes Slayers who got their Charter from a Founder’s Pack.
    • Guild names will be capped at 15 characters.
    • Guilds are now limited to 100 members, including the GM.
    • Any Founders who had unopened Founder Cores will receive platinum in lieu of a Guild Charter.
  • Finished removing Patron Boosts from the game. Anyone with an active boost will be refunded.
  • Increased the total number of stims (self-revives) available to Slayers during a hunt. Each Slayer will now receive three total stims (up from one).
  • Staying alive. Slayers will now get three bonus rolls if they complete a hunt without being downed. Being downed once subtracts one roll from the total, being downed twice subtracts two, and being downed three or more times means that you won’t receive any bonus survival rolls.
  • Elite Track. Hunt Pass Elite Track owners will receive a bonus roll at the end of each hunt.
  • Daily Patrols. Each day, Slayers will earn a certain number of Patrol Chests that can be unlocked by going on patrols. There will be a limit of one Patrol Chest per day with a total of three Patrol Chests that you can have at one time.
  • Reworked the Style Menu and renamed it to the Personality Menu. Keyboard users can still access it with ‘K.’
  • City clean-up. Soldiers and citizens have cleared the last of the Ostian ship wreckage from Ramsgate, and the sun is shining once again. Take a stroll around the freshened city and keep an eye out for questgivers; some have abandoned their usual spots to take in the sunshine.
  • Skraev weapons will now drop three frost mines after a successful evade. This special effect will have a 30 second cooldown.
  • End of Hunt. Introduced a new End of Hunt screen that shows Slayer progress toward Mastery objectives, quest objectives, and weeklies. Break part rewards are better detailed as well.
New End of Hunt Reward Screen
New End of Hunt Reward Screen Phoenix Labs

A full list of changes in the new patch can be viewed here.

Dauntless can be downloaded on its official website. An official release for the PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One, is scheduled for this summer.

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