Dauntless: Patch 1.9.0 Upgrades the Bounty System; New Dawn Season Begins

Dauntless Patch 1.9.0
Dauntless Patch 1.9.0 Twitter/@PlayDauntless

A new season has begun for Dauntless, the epic free-to-play action RPG developed by Phoenix Labs. The New Dawn season brings new weekly challenges, story quests, Reward Cache items, and Platinum Store offerings. Specific to this season are Shady Coins that allow you to unlock some pirate-themed cosmetics.

The developers have released a new patch that upgrades the bounty system as well. One of the biggest changes is that bounty tokens no longer expire at the end of the season. Moreover, both free and premium tokens are combined to help streamline this system. For those who do not know, these tokens can be used to upgrade your bounties like going from Silver to Gold.

New Hunt Pass

Patch 1.9.0 also brings the “Lawless Skies” Hunt Pass to the game. Some of the things that you can get are a full armor set and two weapon transmogs, among other things.

You will get a free Hunt Pass by default but you can upgrade at any time to earn Elite track rewards, with all of your progress intact. The Elite track is filled with a lot of goodies not available on the free pass, such as armor and weapon skins, emotes, etc.

Another benefit of upgrading your Hunt Pass is that it will never expire even after the season ends. This is great if you are a casual gamer as you can unlock everything the Hunt Pass has to offer at your own pace.

Patch Highlights

  • Reduced Tough Hide’s unwounded damage penalty to -40%
  • Reduced Tough Hide’s currently wounded damage boost to +15%
  • Shield amount granted from Cascade and Guardians now caps at 600 each
  • Increased the per-player core health scaling on Behemoths to +75%. This means players will see an increase in Behemoth core health when playing in groups
Island Events
  • Wait between rounds reduced from 4 to 2 seconds for all events
  • Loot phase increased from 15 to 25 seconds for all events
Shatterstorm Island Event
  • Behemoth health multiplier reduced to 1.5
  • Behemoth part health scale reduced to 1
  • Behemoth elemental health scale reduced to 1
  • Crystal buff duration increased to 90 seconds
Firewatch Island Event
  • Firewalls modifier removed from all stages of the event
  • Stage two is now a solo Behemoth encounter instead of a duo
Chain Blades
  • Players can move or dodge sooner after performing either light or heavy follow-ups with Reaper’s Dance and Insatiable Dance specials
  • Players can now salvage 1 or 5 cells at once at the Middleman
  • Destroyable projectiles now show damage numbers
  • Poisoned debuff visual effects now correctly disappear
  • Flight of Ruin no longer causes the camera to hitch
  • The experience bar in the HUD no longer stops updating its visuals
  • Players can now properly interact with other players’ quick menu on islands while out of combat

You can read the full patch notes here.

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