Dauntless: Patch 1.8.2 Implements Balance Changes and Fixes

Dauntless Patch 1.8.2
Dauntless Patch 1.8.2 Phoenix Labs Inc.

Developer Phoenix Labs Inc. has released Patch 1.8.2 for Dauntless that brings balancing changes to certain Behemoths. This patch also nerfs the Repeaters, which are the first ranged weapons in the game.

Balance Changes

Three Behemoths got some balancing changes in Patch 1.8.2. First is the Thunderdeep Drask. Its Lightning Breath, Chain Lightning, Thunder Dunk, and Lightning Flash attacks have their damage reduced by about 12%.

Next is the Phaelanx. The developers have reduced the amount the Phaelanx can turn when it is rolling. This will help you avoid rolling attacks more readily than before.

Lastly, the Chronovore’s wings have been adjusted. Their health has been lowered and their hitboxes increased, which makes them easier for you to hit.

As for Repeaters, significant nerfs were applied. The Marksman Chamber’s damage bonuses for the marking player have been reduced from 40/80% to just 25%/60%. Moreover, basic shot damage has also decreased from 100/175 (default/empowered) to 90/150.

In-game Events

There will be two events scheduled for November 23. The annual Ramsgiving will provide you with the usual goodies, including bounty bonuses, a chock-full of event store items, as well as an island event. This will run through November 30.

The Gruk-Gruk Rumble will be first introduced on the same date as Ramsgiving. However, it will become a permanent addition to the Hunting Grounds. It seems that your objective here is to hold your ground against a horde of Gruk-Gruk.

Patch Notes

  • Drask
    • Drask’s lightning breath will now hit players correctly instead of passing through them
  • Phaelanx
    • Adjusted area of effect timing when entering aether state so it aligns with the VFX
  • Quests
    • Objectives that require the player to do damage “in one hit” now correctly state that
    • Fixed quests, bounties, and challenges that were not tracking the dodge projectile objective
    • The Shocking Developments quest now unlocks on the Cape Fury node in the Slayer’s Path as intended
  • Quillshot
    • Fixed a bug where Quillshot was not interruptible during its enraged Homing Quills attack
  • UI
    • Training Grounds movement HUD will update after keybinding or controller preset is changed
    • Removed incorrect checkmarks from the challenge screen
    • Players can now purchase non-limited items multiple times in the Reward Cache without having to exit the screen
    • Fixed a bug where active and passive omnicell descriptions were incorrect
    • Players will no longer get duplicates of recruit weapons when entering the Training Grounds
    • Controller preset text no longer flows out of the UI in Spanish
  • Cosmetics
    • The Dark Harvest pumpkin curiosity will land properly on the ground when used

Dauntless Patch 1.8.2 is now available on Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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