Dauntless - Alchemy Of War Update Patch Notes: New Hunt Pass Added

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Dauntless Dauntless

Dauntless received a new update today titled Alchemy of War which introduces a new Hunt Pass, adjusts Behemoth behaviors, fixes weapon functions, and introduces a variety of quality of life changes. The highlights of the update include the stunning Armor sets and weapon skins that can be unlocked by completing the Elite track in the Hunt Pass, a new Granny Strega's tonic that converts poison pools into healing pods, and a secret Halloween event that starts on October 26.

Dauntless Alchemy of War Patch Notes

Here are the full patch notes for the Dauntless Alchemy of War Update, or you can visit the official website here:


Chain Blades

  • LLLH combo attack duration has been extended to achieve the same number of hits it did before patch 1.4.0.


  • Remapping the controller buttons assigned to sprint, fire, reload, and legendary ability will now work while repeaters are equipped — before, the legendary ability only worked if the two inputs overlapped with sprint, fire, and/or reload and nothing else.


  • Fixed a bug where the UI showed four ammo indicators when the extended clip mod was equipped, instead of the proper six.



  • Rezakiri beams will now correctly play their audio. Pew pew pew!

Quality of Life changes


  • Pressing an attack button while your weapon is sheathed now unsheathes the weapon without forcing you into an attack.


  • Players who own the Survival Goggles helmet skin can now claim the Survival Goggles (Raised) skin from the store for free. This concludes The Goggle Saga of 2020.


  • Performed an optimization pass on Terra Escalation to improve performance across all platforms

Bug Fixes


  • Keystone Behemoth break parts will no longer be replaced with charged aether, including Agarus’ Ruptured Stalks.


  • Drask armour now has the correct default dye scheme.
  • Survival Goggles will no longer wobble.
  • Fixed a bug where the Alchemancer’s Scalpel’s glow would vanish when hit.
  • Alchemancer’s Waistcoat now displays correctly on the Style 2 model’s torso.
  • The green orbs on the Alchemancer’s Bootstraps can now be dyed.


  • NPC names on the HUD will now scale smoothly in size as you approach them.
  • The Dauntless desktop icon is now larger & clearer. Now 110% more clickable!
  • Removed … extraneous ellipses from … cell tutorial slate …
  • Fixed a bug where changes to the player’s tracked items or quests in the objective tracker would not be saved.
  • All Agarus armour icons now match stylistically.
  • Fixed an issue where tutorial screens would not close with the correct button. The initial tutorial screens will now close with gamepad A button by default, and B button when opened through the Journal.


  • Accepting and redeeming the Granny Strega’s Revitalizing Tonics and Experiments in Terra quests now plays the proper VO lines from Granny Strega and Xelya
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