Dauntless Untamed Wilds Update: Everything Your Need To Know

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Dauntless Untamed Wilds
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In the previous Clear Skies update for Dauntless, developer Phoenix Labs completely overhauled the Ramsgate hub world area. Now, the team is giving hungry Slayers a new boss Behemoth, two Behemoth variants, and new story missions in the latest update, called Untamed Wilds. We were invited to an advanced demo for the Untamed Wilds update, and Dauntless fans are certainly in for a ride.

Dauntless' Untamed Wilds update launched on September 17 and it's got some interesting things that fans will be excited for. The game now offers new Terra Escalation missions, which are a gauntlet-like series of missions where Slayers have to fight and take down several behemoths before facing off against the ultimate new boss Behemoth – Agarus. The first time I saw Agarus, I didn't even know where to begin attacking this beast. Agarus is an exceptionally designed Behemoth and it's unlike any other Behemoth that you have come across until now.

What do you need to know about Agarus?

Agarus's strengths lie in its poison-based attacks. The beast uses its branches and roots to trap you in places. Agarus can also launch AOE attacks, making it a unique challenge for Slayers who think that they have mastered Dauntless.

During the demo, Phoenix Labs PR Manager Andy Burt jokingly said to me that I can take on Agarus all by myself. But when I got the first glimpse of the magnitude of the beast, I was certain that this is not a single Slayer's task. Even with three Slayers attacking Agarus, the beast proved to be a real challenge and I am certain that Dauntless fans will really love slaying the monster. Agarus is very unpredictable and Slayers will need to keep moving to avoid getting trapped in its roots. The behemoth will also launch poison pools, reducing the area that Slayers can move around. Make sure that you don't use all of your health flasks in the earlier stages of Terra Escalation levels.

Here are some key insights that Burt shared about Agarus: "Agarus spawns mushroom pods across the battlefield. Sometimes, they (pods) can have mounting vents inside, so if you break any of those, you can find mount vents."

Toward the end of the fight, Agarus tends to go crazy wild and starts launching poison balls and landing AOE attacks. The behemoth also prevents the Slayers from getting close by surrounding itself with poison pools, which slowly poison players if they don't back off in time. It definitely helps to pick the right buffs as players progress through the Terra Escalation because you'll need those buffs if you want to fight Agarus effectively.

What do you need to know about Terra Escalation?

Terra Escalations are really cool gauntlet-like missions where you drop-in with your band of Slayers and go on fighting a series of demons. In Terra Escalation, you will be taking on behemoth variants, and after beating each round successfully, you'll be rewarded with temporary buffs. One of the game's developers, Kristen Schanche, said that in Terra Escalation missions “between each round, you get this crystal that you go up to and select the buffs that will last for the rest of this run." Schanche further added that "some of these (buffs) are only exclusive to Terra Escalations."

Burt also added that "a lot of these elements (buffs) are randomized, so you'll see different options. You can also unlock a fourth slot through progression and the behemoths you encounter across each escalation run will be randomized as well."

What's new in Dauntless Untamed Wilds Update?

When I asked about what's new in the Untamed Wilds update, Burt highlighted a new Hunt Pass called Strange Horizons. The Hunt Pass will have 50 levels of rewards. There will also be three different levels of cosmetic armor sets and players can earn back the platinum that they spend on the Elite tracks through progression.


If you have been playing Dauntless, the new update has a ton of stuff to offer, including Terra Escalations, new story missions, behemoth variants, and more. For those who haven't tried Dauntless yet, we highly recommend that you check the game out. Dauntless is free-to-play on PS4, PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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