A Dark Room Arrives To Nintendo Switch On April 12

A Dark Room
A Dark Room A Dark Room

For gamers who miss the simplicity of text-based gaming, A Dark Room could be the game for you. Circle Entertainment and Amir Rahan announced that the game is being revamped, and will be exclusively available for the Nintendo Switch beginning April 12.

Published by Canada-based Doublespeak Games, A Dark Room was first released for web browsers in 2013. As a text-based game, it brings to mind the classic Zork. According to developer Micheal Townsend, the game was designed in a way that rather than rely mainly on dialogue and exposition, players instead make use of environmental cues.

In the classic Zork game, players begin the game in an open field beside a house with a boarded front door and a small mailbox. Players then need to type what they need to do, and the game responds accordingly.

A Dark Room pretty much starts the same, with the exception that the player awakens in a cold and dark room. Much like Zork, players need to determine what is present in their environment and use items properly in order to move forward. Once players manage to get out of the room, for example, they will be able to interact with strangers, collect resources, and even start a village.

A Dark Room Start Screen
A Dark Room Start Screen A Dark Room

The original version of the game was rated four out of five by TouchArcarde. The outlet recommended it for fans of experience-driven games. In late 2013, the game was ported to iOS by Amir Rajan, with approval of Townsend. Upon release, A Dark Room was included in the Best Game of the Year lists and by April of 2014 managed to reach the most-downloaded spot in the games section of the App Store. For the Android version, development began in 2014 and officially released 2016. A prequel titled The Ensign was released for the iOS in 2014.

The Switch version is being developed by Amir Rajan and published by Circle Entertainment. For the Switch version, players can use the physical controls or the touch screen. In addition, A Dark Room on Switch offers enhanced user interface, new audio, additional commentaries and local co-op play. The Switch version is priced at $6.99.

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