Dark Envoy Releases On PC, PS4, And Xbox One In Late 2020

Inspired by XCOM and Divinity series.
Event Horizon officially announces Dark Envoy, a non-linear tactical RPG to launch in late 2020.
Event Horizon officially announces Dark Envoy, a non-linear tactical RPG to launch in late 2020. Event Horizon

Coming from Event Horizon, the creators of tactical role-playing game Tower of Time, is another story rich adventure RPG that will be coming to multiple platforms in 2020. Titled Dark Envoy, the game is a non-linear RPG currently in development for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Dark Envoy, according to its developers, draws inspiration from the likes of the Divinity series, XCOM, FTL, Mass Effect, and Dragon Age. It will supposedly boast a vast world that players will be free to explore, added with Event Horizon’s tactical combat system, all tied together by a rich narrative.

The story is set in a world where the Human Empire wages an age-old war against the remnants of the Old Races, pitting technology versus Magic. Neither side is gaining footing, nor do any of them have the moral high ground, as both the Human Empire and Old Races prey on the weak.

Smack dab in the middle of this conflict are the game’s protagonists: Kaela and Kiros. They are siblings looking to repair their parents’ airship in order to travel the world, seeking to face whatever dungeons, challenges, and riches may come their way.

Dark Envoy is a non-linear RPG with turn-based combat accompanied by a real time preparation phase where tactics and party power are equally important. Its story driven gameplay also means that in-game decisions can affect the ultimate ending for each player. These decisions are affected by your character’s personalities.

Dark Envoy also includes up to 15 unique character classes to discover. These classes’ skill trees can be mixed and matched to create the ultimate squad for you, and also help you survive. Players are encouraged to experiment and adapt on the fly in battle.

Lastly, Dark Envoy can be played solo, as a two player co-op game, and through a unique mode called Player Vs World where a second player acts as the final boss seeking to destroy the main player before he/she becomes too powerful.

Event Horizon’s sophomore outing is still far away, with a release date expected in late 2020. Dark Envoy will launch for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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